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After Builders Cleaning Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s fastest-growing city – naturally, there are plenty of building jobs going around!

If you’re managing a building or renovation project in Melbourne, you’ll have a long list of responsibilities:

  • Materials
  • Delivery times
  • Contractors
  • OHS requirements
  • Timetables

Each of these is important. However, there’s another important consideration that often gets completely forgotten by builders such as yourself.

Builders cleaning doesn’t just make your worksite feel more comfortable – it also allows you to enjoy a smooth construction site and timely project.

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Builders cleaning services

Site cleaning

It’s been a long, hard day – the last thing you want to do is force your team to stay back and clean up!

Our cleaners can come in at the end of work and clean your site from top to bottom, include any messes your builders might have missed.

After-build cleaning

Our team bring considerable cleaning experience and skill to your recently-completed site.

We’ll go over carpets, floors and vents, ensuring you hand over a home that actually feels like one (and upholding your reputation in the process!)

Specialist cleaning services

Not all building projects are identical.

Luckily, we have the skills, know-how and tools to tackle any building site in Melbourne, big or small including vent, oven and even high-rise window cleaning!

Rubbish disposal

Timber, plaster, bricks… your typical construction site generates a lot of waste. Our masterful take building site waste off your hands.

We’ll also filter out recyclable and hazardous waste, ensuring that these materials are disposed of properly and safely.

How builders cleaning creates safer and more efficient construction sites

As any builder knows, construction sites can get messy, even with your chippies tidying up after themselves. With so many things to do, it’s easy for small messes to be overlooked.

Loose bolts, sawdust, nails… each of these present a tripping hazard – or worse. Site cleanliness (and by extension, builders cleaning) is essential to OHS-compliance and upholding your duty of care to your team.

Not to mention, your building site is also plain easier to work with when your team don’t have to step around piles of waste, contort themselves to fit between debris or watch every single step they take.

Construction cleaning Melbourne

While ensuring a clean property at handover is important, that isn’t the only cleaning you’ll need to think about.

Equally as important is ensuring that your construction site is clean from start to finish.

Not only does ongoing cleaning make things easier on your builders and contractors, but it also ensures their safety by removing potential hazards that might cause your team to slip or otherwise injure themselves.

Master Cleaners provides regular cleaning for the entire building process, ensuring a clean work site at all times. From framing, to final fit-out, we’ll be there to clear out dust, dirt, debris and potential tripping hazards so you don’t have to.

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

If it’s too tough, too dirty, or too big, we’ll Master it.