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Airbnb Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

Single rooms. Inner-city apartments. 4-bedroom houses. No matter what accommodation you offer on Airbnb, we can clean it!

A dirty room results in not only a negative stay for your guests – it can also impact how Airbnb values and ranks your property:

  • Poor reviews and feedback
  • Drops in your property’s visibility
  • Losing your Superhost status
  • Consistent low scores can even lead to your account being suspended!

Whether you’re a new host or a veteran with multiple properties under their belt, it’s important that you take the utmost care when turning over your Airbnb properties for new guests.

Appearance matters. Get your space professionally cleaned!

What’s the secret to “Superhost” status? Expert Airbnb Cleaners

A clean Airbnb property, that’s what!

Sure, you have a great location and good rates. You’ve even gone the extra mile, offering extras like free mints, complementary Myki or Opal cards, or even pickups from the airport or station.

While the extras are nice, ultimately the most important thing that dictates how a guest feels about your Airbnb is how comfortable it is.

Everything else is just the icing on the cake – all the extras in the world won’t change someone’s opinion on a dank, filthy apartment or room.

And when it comes to creating a comfortable Airbnb property, cleanliness is key.

Impressions matter, whether you’re a professional Airbnb investor or simply renting out your spare room for extra spending cash. And when it comes to hotels and Airbnb properties, impressions can be made in a matter of minutes.

Needless to say, if your guests are greeted with stains, marks or suspicious smells, you can kiss those 5-star reviews goodbye!

Get your time back: outsource Airbnb cleaning

Caring for an Airbnb listing (or several) is almost a full-time job on its own. While you might save money by doing the housekeeping yourself, you can easily end up spending your monetary savings in time.

Cleaning up after guests is only one part of being an Airbnb host – unfortunately, it’s also one of the most time-consuming. Instead of spending hours of your time cleaning out your properties, call a professional to take care of the cleaning for you.

Give your guests the 5-star treatment

Our cleaning experts aren’t your average spray-and-wipe cleaner – they’re consummate professionals and housekeeping superheroes, whose unmatched service makes your properties look like 5-star hotels for every guest that stays with you.

We can help ensure that your Airbnb property is spotless from top to bottom.

In addition to cleaning the most-used areas of your house or apartment, our Masterful cleaners can also perform periodic deep cleans to remove hidden or invisible messes.

Why choose Master Cleaners for Airbnb cleaning?

Thorough top-to-bottom cleaning

Our cleaning specialists cover every inch of your Airbnb property. We leave no stone unturned – we’ll clean surfaces, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, and more!

A trustworthy and fully-insured team

Our staff aren’t just great at their jobs – all of our cleaning experts are fully-insured, well-trained, and police-checked. Depend on a trusted team to help manage your Airbnb listing.

Tailored service

We work with each and every client to find out exactly what they need, and then we develop a custom cleaning routine, allowing you to decide what’s most important.

It’s almost like you’re doing the cleaning yourself… without the effort!

It’s the little things

Should new guests be greeted by open curtains? Does your balcony furniture need to face east? Do the cushions on the sofa need to be perfectly plumped?

Presentation is key – that’s why we make sure we reset your properties just the way you like it, down to the smallest of details!

No lock-in contract

Say your Airbnb isn’t bringing in enough money to make it worth it. Alternatively, you might need your room, apartment, or holiday house back. Master Cleaners has no lock-in contracts, giving you the freedom to walk away if your circumstances change.

Deep Airbnb Cleaning in Sydney

With any luck, your Airbnb property will see a lot of guests come through in any given year.

While you may do your best to clean up after all of them, the fact of the matter is that certain messes can slip through the cracks.

Worse, over time they can build up to the point where they can negatively impact comfort, all the while being completely invisible to the naked eye!

In particular, we’re talking about messes:

  • Inside cupboards
  • Behind washing machines
  • Underneath bathtubs
  • Within appliances like ovens
  • In ducts and air conditioning vents
  • Deep within your carpets

Unlike visible messes like spills or stains, these particular problems are hard to detect.

As a result, they tend to build up over time, often not getting cleaned until the problem is severe enough to affect breathing or even trigger allergic reactions.

And by the time these messes are big enough to detect, it’s often too late – your reviews are already starting to tank!

A clean Airbnb goes beyond throwing sheets in the washing machine or wiping down benches and tables – your Airbnb also needs periodic deep cleaning to remove those hidden or invisible messes.

Airbnb cleaning in Melbourne with Master Cleaners

Master Cleaner’s Airbnb cleaners go beyond kitchen benches and bedsheets. We provide Airbnb properties with in-depth cleaning that thoroughly remove even the most obscure messes and stains.

Working with you, we put together a custom deep clean plan.

Tell us what your usual cleaning routine involves – we’ll perform our own inspection and create an individual deep cleaning plan that accommodates for everything you might have missed.

For example, we might disinfect the insides of rubbish bins, remove grease from kitchen grilles, or steam clean your carpets and upholstery. It all depends on what you need!

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

If it’s too tough, too dirty, or too big, we’ll Master it.