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Hospital Cleaning Melbourne and Sydney

Maintain high standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation in your hospital and medical facility with the support of the Master Cleaners team.

  • Health facilities like hospitals, medical centres, and dental surgeries require a specialised level of cleanliness to ensure safety and hygiene
  • Provide a safe environment for not only patients, but staff, too
  • Our cleaners follow a strict cleaning system to maximise hygiene
Ensure a safe and hygienic space for patients and staff alike – contact us today

Hospital cleaning services

A strong work ethic combined with specialised training in medical environments like hospitals makes Master Cleaners your #1 choice for safe, thorough, and hygienic hospital cleaning services across Melbourne and Sydney.

Any type of medical facility can benefit from our thorough cleaning techniques, performed by expert cleaners with specialist knowledge of disinfection, cross-contamination, and OH&S.

Examination rooms

A safe, clean, and hygienic exam room is critical for patients – as well as their doctors and nurses. Exam room cleaning is a critical part of healthcare cleaning.

Sterile environments

Operating theatres, rehabilitation areas, and other sterile environments must – as their name suggests – remain sterile to minimise the spread and growth of bacteria.

Toilets and bathrooms

Our cleaners have specialised skills to effectively clean and disinfect toilets and bathrooms. Targeting effective bacteria and infection control, our thorough solutions will keep your bathroom facilities in top condition.

Reception and waiting rooms

Often the first port-of-call when patients seek urgent medical attention, reception and waiting rooms are commonly known as breeding grounds for bacteria. We help prevent the spread of illness by keeping furniture and other surfaces clean.


Lifts are high-traffic areas that keep people moving day-in and day-out. Our unobtrusive cleaning can take place out-of-hours or during quieter hours to minimise disruption to your facility.

High-touch areas

Did you know that hands transport more germs than any other body part? Dirty hands are constantly touching things like soap dispensers, door knobs, chairs, and more.

Special considerations for hospital cleaning

Disinfection and cross-contamination are two of the most important considerations to make within a specialised setting like a hospital or other medical centres.

Effective and regular disinfection techniques are most critical in these spaces to help fight infection and quash airborne bacteria.

Our skilled team also employ strategies to minimise cross-contamination, ensuring a healthier and safer setting.


With safety at the forefront of every job we Master, it becomes even more critical in medical spaces filled with ill or ailing patients. One of our major goals is to ensure a safe, clean, and hazard-free space for not only patients, but staff and visitors, too.

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

If it’s too tough, too dirty, or too big, we’ll Master it.