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Oven Cleaning Melbourne and Sydney

Roast meat, pies, cakes… if your oven is out of action, you can say goodbye to each of these delicious treats!

Whether you run a restaurant or simply enjoy baking as a hobby, a clean oven is a crucial part of your kitchen. Leaving food residue, grime and grease behind in your oven isn’t just messy – it can also be extremely unhealthy.

Do you:

  • Lack the time to clean your oven yourself?
  • Worry about using the wrong products on your oven?
  • Struggle to understand where to start?

If so, get in touch with a professional oven cleaning specialist in Melbourne and Sydney! Master Cleaners will ensure your oven is spotless and performing at its best.

Contact the Masters for oven cleaning!

Oven deep cleaning for restaurants

If you use your oven a lot, you’ll know how quickly grime, grease and debris can build up.

Restaurant owners understand the importance of giving their ovens a quick once over during evening clean-up. However, this often leads to missing more stubborn messes – furthermore, it doesn’t address grease deep within your oven’s insides.

It’s not enough to wipe your oven down regularly – it’s equally important to get it cleaned properly from top-to-bottom on a regular basis.

At Master Cleaners, we offer oven deep cleaning that reaches all corners of your oven.

We also offer complete commercial kitchen cleaning.


Oven shelving catches plenty of sticky and burnt food residue. Combined with the intense heat of an oven, and you have a fast-drying, hard-to-remove layer of grime. Using powerful products and clever techniques, Master Cleaners removes even the toughest build-up your oven shelves.

Inside your oven

Don’t have the time to scrub down the inside of your oven regularly? Can’t summon the energy to get rid of those stubborn grease stains? If so, professional oven cleaning might be just what you need!

Gas burner and fittings

When we say we clean all parts of your oven, we mean it. During oven deep cleans, Master Cleaners will also safely clean gas burners and supply valves if needed.

Oven doors

You mightn’t always be able to see when grime is building up in your oven. But if you can’t see through your oven window at all, take it as a sign you need immediate oven cleaning!

Masterful oven cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

Whether you run a professional kitchen or simply love to cook, it’s important to take extreme caution when food is involved. Grease, debris, bacteria… each can negatively impact your oven’s performance and your health.

Thanks to all the hidden nooks and crannies inside of your oven, completely cleaning it out can be a struggle.

Keep your customers, family, and guests healthy with professional oven cleaning.

Using powerful products and proven techniques, Master Cleaners restores your oven to a brand-new state. This stops nasty bacteria and unhealthy grime from making its way into your food.

Whether you need regular cleaning or a once-off deep clean, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you!

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

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