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Why Choose Master Cleaners?

Master Cleaners is the cleaner of choice for homeowners, businesses and industrial sites across Sydney and Melbourne

  • Unmatched thoroughness and attention to detail in every job we complete
  • Decades of experience and a team of qualified and passionate cleaning experts
  • Unique packages and services, all tailored for your needs
Too tough? Too dirty? Too big? We Master what you can’t Clean!

We’ve earned the title “Master Cleaners!”

At Master Cleaners, our bread-and-butter are big cleaning jobs like factories, shopping centres and hospitals. We’ve built a reputation for successfully completing highly specialised cleaning jobs, including:

  • Pool cleaning
  • Top-to-bottom kitchen cleaning
  • Window cleaning services
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Film and signage removal

Every inch of your property is treated with the same thoroughness and attention to detail.

We train and retain only the best cleaners

We have 20 staff based in Melbourne, and 30 in Sydney. Each of our cleaning experts is licensed and insured, meaning they can walk into any shopping centre or onto any construction site and get to work immediately.

Our professional cleaning staff are carefully selected, each bringing their own unique skills and experience to the group!

Thoroughness and great attention to detail

We’re our own harshest critics. Every Master Cleaner has a keen eye for detail and follows a strict systems-based procedure that ticks all the boxes.

Furthermore, all of our work is spot checked by qualified supervisors to ensure we’re meeting our own strict standards.

You can trust us!

Operating since 2001, Master Cleaners has 17 years’ experience in the cleaning industry. In that time, we’ve successfully completed cleaning jobs big, small, and downright odd.

Additionally, every single one of our cleaning specialists is fully certified, highly trained and has been police checked.

We don’t just clean – we offer complete services

We understand that every property has different (and specialised) cleaning requirements. That’s why we start every job by talking to you and determining exactly what it is you need from our cleaning services.

Combined with a wide range of different services ranging from regular old vacuuming to niche services like cleaning pool tiles, we can look after your needs from start to finish.

Too tough? Too dirty? Too big? We Master what you can’t Clean

We frequently look after big jobs like restaurants, showrooms and hospitals, providing these commercial spaces with regular cleaning to keep their facilities in their best and most hygienic state.

All of these require thorough and specialised cleaning service – some even come with their own strict cleanliness standards. Not every cleaning service is up to the challenge – but we certainly are!

Get in touch with our Master Cleaners today to find out how we can combat your unique cleaning needs.

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

If it’s too tough, too dirty, or too big, we’ll Master it.