What to expect from a commercial cleaner in Melbourne?

Cleanliness is king - especially when it comes to making a good first impression with your business. So it’s no surprise that businesses of all sizes decide not to risk it, and instead opt to hand off their cleaning to a commercial cleaner in Melbourne. If you ask us, this is the right decision to make - you won’t regret [...]

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Upholstery cleaning – the best cleaning tips and tricks

Our team of professional house cleaners in Melbourne understand that deep cleaning your home can be a big task at the best of times.  Unlike the regular weekend clean, deep cleaning comes with many cleaning tasks that can be: Tiring Time-consuming Challenging One area in particular that makes our elbow grease run dry is upholstery cleaning. Upholstery cleaning is an [...]

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How professional school cleaning improves health, safety and learning

If you had to make a list of the most important things that go on at school, what would be on it? Learning, obviously - that is the point of schooling, after all. Building relationships and friend groups is another big one. Another important consideration that often gets completely overlooked however is professional school cleaning. One of the most important [...]

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Workplace cleanliness: why you NEED a professional office cleaner in Melbourne

If you ask us, a clean workplace is a happy workplace. Moreover, it’s an efficient one - just imagine having to work in a cluttered, dusty, and stinky office. No thanks! Sure, your office might not be as bad as a factory floor - however, that doesn’t make office cleaning any less important. We aren’t making this up either - [...]

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Choose Master Cleaners’ house cleaners in Sydney for your deep cleaning!

It’s no secret that we all lead very busy lives. It doesn’t take long for all the work and family commitments to pile up. Honestly, it’s a wonder that we get any cleaning done at all! Of course, we take time out to get the obvious cleaning out of the way. We wash our dishes, clean our clothes and wipe [...]

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7 essential tips to clean glass WITHOUT leaving streaks behind

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cleanest of them all? How often do you clean your windows and mirrors? Odds are, the answer is “not very often!” While most of us make a habit of vacuuming our homes and mopping our floors regularly, very rarely do our windows get the same level of attention. Are you sick of cloudy [...]

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Professional house cleaning in Sydney: why you should choose Master Cleaners!

There are few things more important that health and hygiene. The key to a healthier home? Cleanliness! Say you run a business - you choose a professional cleaner is thorough, punctual and who can complete their work without interrupting the flow of business operations. When it comes to home cleaning however, your requirements are a tad different. It’s your home, [...]

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Keeping a clean home with pets: our home cleaners in Melbourne explain how!

Aussies love their animals. And we aren’t just talking about our unique native fauna, either - it’s believed that 62% of Australians own and care for at least one household pet. Your little furry and purr-y friend is your baby. And just like a human baby, they can get a bit, well, messy to say the least! Cleaning up after [...]

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Need your the toilets cleaned? Call our commercial cleaners in Sydney!

As an employer, you have to ensure that your business or commercial property is safe and comfortable for staff and customers alike. That means looking at entry points, your fire escape, air conditioning, ventilation, emergency procedures… and of course, toilets. According to SafeWork NSW, you must provide safe, accessible and clean toilet facilities. The operative word? “Clean!” Today, our commercial [...]

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Our cleaners in Sydney share some common oven cleaning hacks

You clean your stovetops, wipe down your kitchen bench and wash off all your cooking utensils. But how often does your attention shift to your oven? We’re willing to be the answer is “not that often”. Most of us don’t see the messes that build up in our ovens. Some of us don’t even realise that our ovens even need [...]

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