New construction cleaning: your essential home cleaning checklist

You’ve just finished building your dream home or renovating your old one. The paint is dry, the tiles set and the plumbing works. Unfortunately, you can’t move in just yet - not without cleaning the place out, at least! While your builder may have done their best to clean everything up for you, nine times out of ten there’s still [...]

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How to clean pet urine from your carpet

We all love our fluffy companions to pieces - how could you not? The big doe-eyes, their adorable little habits, their excitement when you come home… Ahem, sorry about that, where were we? We absolutely adore our pets. However, even we admit that it can be hard to do so when they decide to - ahem- conduct their “business” on [...]

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Why commercial pool cleaning is essential this summer?

Cleanliness is essential to the safe and enjoyable use of any commercial or private pool. During summer, temperatures soar sky high and patronage to your pool is bound to increase. With such a large number of people making use of commercial pools it is important to make sure they are clean. Pool maintenance needs to occur on a regular basis [...]

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A professional school cleaning service reveals 7 school cleaning tips

A quality education isn’t your only obligation as a teacher or school administrator - you also owe your students a duty of care. As part of that duty, you bear many responsibilities: Stamping out bullying Organising yard duty shifts Constant supervision Advice and first aid if needed In addition to these responsibilities however, your duty of care also includes providing [...]

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How to get rid of crayon: more house cleaning tips from a pro!

Young artists need a canvas to express themselves. Unfortunately, all too often that canvas turns out to be your walls, furniture or floors! It can be tough maintaining a tidy home when there are young kids about. You’ve already got a lot on your plate - the last thing you want is a well-meaning (but ultimately unattractive) impromptu home renovation [...]

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Take Christmas office cleaning off your hands – you deserve a break!

With 2018 wrapping up, it’s time to start preparing for the holidays. That means knocking out as many projects as possible before you close, resolving outstanding tickets and compensating for a shorter January (as well as setup time). Another job that comes with Christmas preparations in your business? Cleaning. Unfortunately, not all of us have time for Christmas office cleaning! [...]

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Christmas cleaning: how retail cleaning prepares your store for the silly season

It’s almost that time of the year again. For many retailers,  the season of giving and sharing is the busiest time of the year. But before the inevitable onslaught of customers comes into your store, it’s important to prepare for the inevitable. That means planning sale items, putting up decorations, ordering stock… and of course, cleaning up!   Why you [...]

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Master Cleaners explains why professional pharmacy cleaning is essential

Chemists and pharmacists (read: you) are more than just a retail store - they’re also an important part of your healthcare team. In addition to filling out prescriptions, the local pharmacist: Is university-educated Administers medication Performs body tests As such, it’s important your chemist or pharmacy business adheres to the same strict sterilisation requirements as the rest of the medical [...]

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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

It’s interview day. You arrive on time, ready to wow the interviewer and nail the job. You find the office where you’re supposed to meet. When you turn up, you’re greeted with overflowing trash bins and cluttered office tables. Worse, it stinks to high heaven. Would you end up feeling disappointed by the office experience? If so, you’re not alone! [...]

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Cleaning Tips is Vinegar a Worthwhile Cleaning Product

Vinegar has been touted as a high performing cleaning product seemingly since the dawn of time.......almost literally I have since found out. Before I sat down to write this blog, I pondered if I actually truly knew what vinegar even was. Before suggesting it for cleaning tips, I had gathered that it was acidic but didn't really know much about [...]

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