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Office Cleaning Melbourne and Sydney

Working in a messy office for almost 40 hours a week isn’t a fun experience!

Spacious, clutter-free and most importantly, spotless office space are key to a:

  • Productive working environment
  • Healthier team
  • Good impression with visitors

The problem is that no matter how often you encourage your office staff to keep their office spaces neat and clean, there’s only so many hours each week that can be set aside for general cleaning.

At the end of each busy work week, the last thing on your mind is vacuuming the office and taking out the bins. You and your staff just want to enjoy the weekend – we don’t blame you!

So, why not let a professional office cleaning team do it for you?

Call the Masters for professional office cleaning

Regular office cleaning

Maybe your office is attached to a factory and highly prone to dust, necessitating weekly cleaning. Alternatively, your office could be small and only need monthly cleans.

Master Cleaners works with you to create a custom cleaning schedule for your office.

We don’t just account for frequency – some offices such as call centres operate outside of standard working hours, necessitating special treatment. We’re happy to work around these special needs to minimise the disruption to your operations.

Our services go beyond a quick vacuum after the last employee switches off the lights. Our team of professional office cleaners can clean our office from top to bottom if needed. We even offer specialised service on an as-needed basis such as air conditioning cleaning and carpet and upholstery deep cleaning.

Master Cleaners’ office cleaning service includes…


If the goal is a happier workforce, you can’t ignore cleanliness. And as the workstation is where your office staff spend most of their time, you’ll want to ensure that they’re:

  • Clean and stain-free
  • Free of dust
  • Well-organised

In addition to vacuuming your floors, our office cleaning specialists also ensure your office workstations are spotless. That means wiping down desks, cutting through stains, dusting and emptying bins.

Office pantry and kitchen

Pantries and kitchenettes are some of the messiest areas in the office. Unlike workstations, pantries and kitchens also have to contend with food stains, crumbs and spills. This makes them ground zero for bacteria, insects and other nasties.

Master Clean washes and cleans all counters and sinks, sanitising all fixtures and protecting you from mould and bacteria.

But that’s not all. We clean out hard-to-reach areas such as kettles, fridges, and under the table areas. Our office cleaning team can even eliminate unpleasant smells – the perfect counter to that colleague who microwaves fish for lunch!


Imagine having to do your “business” in a messy, smelly restroom. The thought is revolting enough to make you want to wait until you get home!

Maintaining the cleanliness of an office bathroom can be hard work. Luckily, that’s what Master Cleaners is all about.

Our office cleaning specialists cut through messes, killing bacteria and germs and reducing the risk of illness and infection.

Using powerful cleaning tools and methods, Master Clean deep cleans everything from top to bottom. Sinks, countertops, mirrors, toilet bowls, surfaces – nothing escapes our office cleaners.

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier office with the Masters

A dirty office isn’t just unpleasant – it’s also a health hazard.

Guarantee a clean and productive working environment for your staff by getting in touch with Master Cleaners.

We take away the stress that comes with an unclean or messy office. Using powerful products and proven techniques, we maintain an environment that maximises comfort and productivity.

No cleaning job is too tough, too big, or too dirty for Master Cleaners.

Contact us today on 1800 11 22 34 for professional office cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney.

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

If it’s too tough, too dirty, or too big, we’ll Master it.