Commercial Builders Clean Melbourne and Sydney

>Commercial Builders Clean Melbourne and Sydney
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Commercial Builders Clean Melbourne and Sydney

In many ways, commercial building projects are even stricter than domestic ones!

Unlike home renovators, commercial building clients:

  • Often need to follow strict legal requirements (especially for industrial facilities)
  • Owe a duty of care to their customers and staff
  • Have a reputation to uphold

The key takeaway? If you want your commercial clients to be happy, you’ll want to hand over a clean commercial property once your builders finish up!

Luckily, Master Cleaners’ construction cleaning service has you covered. Whether you’re building a retail store, factory or warehouse, you can trust our cleaning experts to leave it spotless for when you hand it over.

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Why you need commercial after builders cleaning

Simply put, it’s because handing over a dirty commercial property will almost certainly irritate the eventual tenant – not to mention, it just doesn’t make you look good!

It looks even worse for the eventual tenant. Even small messes can hurt:

  • Sawdust in the carpet can damage their image
  • Debris in stock rooms can lead to accidents
  • Specks on glass can leave a bad first impression

Eliminating these threats requires a thorough clean. It would be unfair to pass the job onto your building crew and contractors.

They’ve worked hard for months on end, and just want to go home, unwind and celebrate – the last thing they’ll want to do is stay onsite to clean up!

Commercial after builders cleaning for…

Retail spaces

From small strip shops to large shopping centres, Master Cleaners provides a clean retail space for you to hand over.

We clean hazards and messes, allowing retailers to move in and open for business sooner.

Industrial facilities

Our industrial cleaning services don’t just extend to cleaning up after the workday is over!

We also thoroughly clean newly-constructed industrial facilities, allowing the eventual tenant to move their equipment in without worrying about messes.

Hotels and hospitality businesses

Imagine you own a hotel or hospitality business – naturally, you’ll want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible.

Thorough cleaning from the Masters ensures your hospitality business feels like a home, and not a construction site!

Office buildings

Don’t underestimate the importance of a clean office space! Cleanliness directly impacts productivity, morale and performance.

Ensure your office starts off on the right foot by getting your newly-built office building cleaned by the professionals.

Put your trust in a Master Cleaner

There’s a reason we renamed ourselves “Master Cleaners” in 2010 – each of our cleaning experts are just that good at their jobs!

We don’t just give your site a quick vacuum. No, a recently-constructed commercial property needs much more than that.

Our team offer a huge variety of specialised cleaning. And that includes tough, heavy-duty jobs like commercial construction and after-build cleaning!

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

If it’s too tough, too dirty, or too big, we’ll Master it.