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Shopping Centre Cleaning Sydney and Melbourne

Presentation is key in any retail environment, whether you’re a small, one-person shop or a sprawling shopping centre.

From the layout of your shops, to where bins are installed all the way down to the state of your floors, every single detail influences a customer’s opinion of your shopping centre.

  • Spotless floors, glass, and surfaces
  • Regular waste disposal and rubbish removal
  • Litter-free outdoor sections and smoking areas
  • Thorough cleans of dirty and high-traffic areas like food courts and bathrooms

A clean and sanitary experience for shoppers and vendors alike is an absolute must if you want to retain customers and promote growth.

Choosing the right shopping centre cleaning team can be the difference between a fabulous and poor reputation!

Give your customers the best retail experience with our expert cleaning services

Professional shopping centre cleaning services

Shopping centres are a hive of activity, housing hundreds of businesses and seeing thousands of customers every single day.

Cleaning one of them is no easy task! It’s a big job, and one that not every cleaning service is capable of.

Working behind-the-scenes, Master Cleaners delivers the ultimate retail experience for your customers. Our shopping centre cleaning specialists are ready to tackle even the most unique of messes across Melbourne and Sydney.

Well-presented, neat staff

The people you hire reflects on your shopping centre. Our cleaning staff are fully-uniformed, presentable, and friendly.

Experience working with large centres like yours

At Master Cleaners, big cleaning jobs are our bread and butter. We’ve built a name for ourselves successfully completing big, specialist cleans including factories, hospitals and commercial kitchens.

We keep out of your customers’ way

You want cleaners who are thorough and responsive, but not intrusive. Our cleaners do their best to avoid disrupting your customers’ shopping experience – we work efficiently, tidy up after ourselves and carefully schedule cleaning!

We work with you

Should certain areas like food courts or outdoor spaces be prioritised? Would you prefer us to wait for quieter periods to start working? Do you extend cleaning services to tenants as well? We work with you to develop a cleaning plan that accommodates your specific requests.

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

If it’s too tough, too dirty, or too big, we’ll Master it.