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Property Cleaning Services in Melbourne & Sydney

Get your home cleaned by the Masters!

  • Don’t have enough time in your schedule to do any regular cleaning yourself?
  • Are you overdue for a deep clean of your home?
  • Want to leave your home spotless for spring cleaning?

Whatever the reason, there’s only one number to call for thorough, eco-friendly and convenient cleaning – ours!

We pride ourselves on the reliable service and peace-of-mind that we can offer homeowners like yourself. Give us a call today to return your home to its former glory.

Book a Master Cleaner today!

What makes Master Cleaners unique?

Simply put, our team of cleaning experts know what they’re doing. We take our extensive experience and unmatched attention to detail and apply them to your home.

With Master Cleaners, you can be confident your home is being looked at by a genuine cleaning expert. We work with you to create a custom cleaning plan for your home – we’ll even clean out your cooling and heating ducts using specialised vacuum cleaners if you need us to!

Cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney

Regular cleans

Want a clean house, but don’t have the time for it? Our professional cleaning staff are regular household heroes, taking all your regular housekeeping tasks off your hands. Whether you need weekly, fortnightly or monthly service, our team does it all!

We also conduct regular cleans for Airbnbs!

Deep cleaning services

Is a one-off blitz all you need? Want to freshen up your home for spring cleaning?

We pride ourselves on our ability to get even the toughest stains and messes out of your home. From steam cleaning, to scrubbing out bathroom fixtures to ridding your bathroom of soap scum, Master Cleaners guarantees you a spotless home once we’re done.

Personalised service

A five-bedroom family home has very different cleaning requirements from an apartment belonging to a high-flying, globe-trotting executive.

Not everybody’s requirements are identical – we work with you to develop a cleaning plan that addresses your unique needs. We also offer compassionate estate cleaning to help ease the burden of losing a loved one.

Moving and end-of-lease cleaning

Selling or renting out your home is stressful enough already. Master Cleaners takes the stress of cleaning off your shoulders by making your house look just like it did when you first moved in.

Learn more about our professional moving and end-of-lease cleaning here.

Let us Master what you can’t Clean

If it’s too tough, too dirty, or too big, we’ll Master it.