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Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne and Sydney

From independent office spaces to warehouses – and everything in between – Master Cleaners leaves no stone unturned when it comes to our meticulous and precise commercial cleaning services.

  • Keep your premises clean for employees, clients, visitors, and guests
  • Improve your brand or business’ reputation with a clean office or shopfront
  • We offer resilient cleaning methodologies in any kind of commercial dwelling
  • We’re armed with a suite of tools and supplies to ensure the best clean

Importantly, we remove any hazards affecting the health or safety of anyone who enters your space, whether that be clients, employees, visitors, guests, or contractors.

office cleaning services

A clean office really does improve workplace productivity! Promote the health and wellness of your staff with a clean working environment. Our service contract clients benefit from habitual visits from our team.

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shopping centre cleaning services

Our trained and experienced detail cleaning staff offer the best and most comprehensive cleaning solutions to these high-traffic areas. Our team is fully licensed and and trained so we can walk into a shopping centre and begin cleaning immediately.

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hotel strata cleaning services

With residents and guests constantly on rotation, detailed cleaning is a must in individual rooms and throughout common spaces like stairwells, lifts, and lobbies.

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restaurant cleaning services

First impressions matter. You mightn’t think it’s quite as important as the food, but a clean cafe or restaurant can work wonders on your reputation and perception. It’s also critical for health and safety.

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Showroom Cleaning Services

A showroom demands only the best and most meticulous cleaning standards! Present clients and visitors with a stellar first impression with thorough showroom cleaning that complements your products on show.

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industrial cleaning services

Keep your industrial space or factory clean, safe, and sanitary with expert cleaning solutions and a strict eye from the Master Cleaners team. We’ll remove hazardous and OH&S risks to keep your employees safe.

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Commercial kitchen cleaning

Ensure your staff works in a clean commercial kitchen that adheres to health and safety standards. Whether you are in the restaurant, coffee shop, pub, or catering business, you can rely on the Masters!

Choose specialised commercial kitchen cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney that will help you maintain a totally clean and spotless kitchen. Master Cleaners offers regular cleans as well as periodic deep cleans to tidy up areas you might otherwise miss.

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