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7 essential tips to clean glass WITHOUT leaving streaks behind

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cleanest of them all? How often do you clean your windows and mirrors? Odds are, the answer is “not very often!” While most of us make a habit of vacuuming our homes and mopping our floors regularly, very rarely do our windows get the same level of attention. Are you sick of cloudy [...]

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Professional house cleaning in Sydney: why you should choose Master Cleaners!

There are few things more important that health and hygiene. The key to a healthier home? Cleanliness! Say you run a business - you choose a professional cleaner is thorough, punctual and who can complete their work without interrupting the flow of business operations. When it comes to home cleaning however, your requirements are a tad different. It’s your home, [...]

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Keeping a clean home with pets: our home cleaners in Melbourne explain how!

Aussies love their animals. And we aren’t just talking about our unique native fauna, either - it’s believed that 62% of Australians own and care for at least one household pet. Your little furry and purr-y friend is your baby. And just like a human baby, they can get a bit, well, messy to say the least! Cleaning up after [...]

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Need your the toilets cleaned? Call our commercial cleaners in Sydney!

As an employer, you have to ensure that your business or commercial property is safe and comfortable for staff and customers alike. That means looking at entry points, your fire escape, air conditioning, ventilation, emergency procedures… and of course, toilets. According to SafeWork NSW, you must provide safe, accessible and clean toilet facilities. The operative word? “Clean!” Today, our commercial [...]

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Our cleaners in Sydney share some common oven cleaning hacks

You clean your stovetops, wipe down your kitchen bench and wash off all your cooking utensils. But how often does your attention shift to your oven? We’re willing to be the answer is “not that often”. Most of us don’t see the messes that build up in our ovens. Some of us don’t even realise that our ovens even need [...]

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Our Melbourne cleaners share 4 ways to eliminate dust in your home

We all lead very busy lives. Whether it’s a busy job or shuffling kids between after-school activities, cleaning your home can quickly drop to the bottom of your to-do list. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing worse than living in a messy space. It feels crowded, unclean, and simply icky - your sanctuary has now become a place [...]

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Warehouse cleaning tips: 6 tips from the professionals in Sydney

As the owner of a warehouse, you no doubt understand the importance of cleanliness. Not only does it make your working environment that much more pleasant, but it can also directly affect your productivity by: Minimising clutter... … which subsequently reduces workplace injuries… … all the while, making it easier to get around! Yes, effective warehouse management can’t overlook the [...]

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Our Sydney domestic cleaners share their best bathroom cleaning hacks

Cleaning your bathroom can be extremely stressful. Not only because some of the cleaning tasks are a little tricky, but also because it’s so important! The bathroom is where we go to get clean - so it’s not rocket science to expect that they are clean, too! The last thing anyone wants is to be brushing their teeth in a [...]

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Cleaning Dirty Grout Checklist from our Master Cleaners in Melbourne

Let’s face it: cleaning tiled areas can be a bit of a struggle. And one of the worst contenders is tile grout! Cleaning floor tiles and bathroom tiles themselves is relatively straightforward - a thorough mopping or wiping will get the job done. When it comes to the gaps between them however (read: grout),  present the biggest challenges. How to [...]

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Essential home cleaning checklist for new builds cleaning in Sydney

You’ve just finished building your dream home or renovating your old one. The paint is dry, the tiles set and the plumbing works. Unfortunately, you can’t move in just yet - not without cleaning the place out, at least! While your builder may have done their best to clean everything up for you, nine times out of ten there’s still [...]

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