How often should a professional home cleaner in Melbourne clean your home?

Are you too tired to clean your entire house? We don’t blame you - you lead a busy life, after all. Between work, kids and any other after-hours arrangements you might have, every free second to yourself is precious. The last thing you’ll want to be forced to do during your scant time off is clean! If just the thought [...]

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Why you should call the Masters for professional Airbnb cleaning in Melbourne

Eager to earn the coveted title of “superhost?” If so, you can’t afford to overlook cleanliness! Whether you're a complete newbie or a professionalAirbnb investor, a clean Airbnb property is essential if you want to be recognised as a superhost. Sure, you have a great location, affordable rates and all the essential amenities. But if the first thing a guest [...]

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How to clean a dirty rug in Melbourne

They say a person’s home is their palace. Of course, the last thing you want in said palace is a dirty rug! Just like your carpets, rugs tend to attract a lot of mess: Dust falling from elsewhere Dirt and debris from outside Pet dander Anything you’ve got on your feet So it’s no surprise that rugs tend to become [...]

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Take Christmas office cleaning in Sydney off your hands

With 2018 wrapping up, it’s time to start preparing for the holidays. That means knocking out as many projects as possible before you close, resolving outstanding tickets and compensating for a shorter January (as well as setup time). Another job that comes with Christmas preparations in your business? Cleaning. Unfortunately, not all of us have time for Christmas office cleaning! [...]

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Discover your end-of-lease cleaning checklist from the Masters!

You’ve found a brand new property. The lease is an attractive price, the location is great is the building itself looks to be fantastic. But before you can move into your new place, you need to be sure you leave your old one in good condition. End-of-lease cleaning is a lot more important than many give it credit for. In [...]

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Window cleaning Melbourne: 5 tips that will make your windows spotless

Who doesn’t love a bit of natural light in their house? People love the way it makes rooms feel bigger, improves mood and creates a special ambience in your home… Of course, this effect is reduced if your windows are grimy and dirty! Cleaning windows can be tedious. It can eat up your time and energy. But it can’t be [...]

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Choosing an environmentally-friendly cleaning service in Sydney

Torquay is known for several things. It’s the starting point of the Great Ocean Road, it’s home to some of Victoria’s best surf beaches, and now its the centre a major dumping scandal in the cleaning industry. This August, two cleaning contractors in Torquay were fined a total of $10,000 for improper disposal of waste. One of them also happened [...]

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5 Tips For Easy Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

You wash yourself off in your shower every morning or night (or both!). But how often do you clean your shower? Despite its function, showers need the occasional wash too! Your shower can host a whole lot of nasties, from the obvious dirty spots like on the screen or shower head, to invisible stains on your tiles and grout. And [...]

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