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Need help with end of lease cleaning in Hobart?

So you’ve made the leap from renting to owning your very own house. Alternatively, your previous tenant has just vacated, and you need to get the property ready for inspection. Either way, cleanliness is paramount. To help you get the best possible outcome, we’ve put together the essential cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t miss a single thing. Need help? [...]

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Why call a pro for end of lease cleaning in Hobart?

Your lease has ended, and you’re moving out to bigger and better things. Once you’ve packed up all your things and moved everything out, the next thing on your list should be end of lease cleaning. Today, we’ll be explaining why cleaning is so important, and how Master Cleaners’ end of lease cleaning in Hobart can help! The importance of [...]

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Clean like a pro: tricks you can learn from our commercial cleaners in Sydney

What type of cleaner are you? Are you the type who can't live with a messy and dirty home and cleans almost to the point of obsession? Or are you the complacent type, who don't regularly clean and can’t wait until all cleaning chores are done? Whichever category you fall into, one thing's for sure: cleaning is crucial. Whether it’s [...]

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Our home cleaners in Sydney share 5 must-know cleaning tips

Let’s face it: house cleaning is no fun. Instead of getting to enjoy your weekend, you’re scrubbing, brushing and vacuuming when you’d much rather be watching afternoon footy, catching up on your favourite show or just spending time with the kids. Is you ask our home cleaners in Sydney, your weekend should be yours to enjoy, and not taken up [...]

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The best oven cleaning hacks from a home cleaners in Sydney

Thick grime, burnt up food scraps, stains, all manner of hidden nooks and crannies… make no mistake, oven cleaning is a tough gig (one which Master Cleaners is totally up for, by the way). There many parts of the house - ovens in particular - that can be difficult to clean. But with tips from our professionals, they can be… [...]

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Ask a house cleaner Sydney: can you use vinegar to clean your house?

What do you do when you encounter a stubborn mess at home that won’t come loose with a quick wipe? Wy, you go to Google, of course! And out of all the results you’ll find, you might notice many espousing the power of vinegar as a household cleaner. As professional house cleaners in Sydney and Melbourne, we often get asked [...]

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How to choose the right house cleaner in Melbourne

It’s natural to feel apprehensive when it comes to professional house cleaning. It’s your home we’re talking about after all - you want somebody who’s going to treat it with respect, and who you can trust with your property. With so many house cleaners in Melbourne offering their services, it’s entirely reasonable to feel lost - who should you choose? [...]

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What to expect from a commercial cleaner in Melbourne?

Cleanliness is king - especially when it comes to making a good first impression with your business. So it’s no surprise that businesses of all sizes decide not to risk it, and instead opt to hand off their cleaning to a commercial cleaner in Melbourne. If you ask us, this is the right decision to make - you won’t regret [...]

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Upholstery cleaning – the best cleaning tips and tricks

Our team of professional house cleaners in Melbourne understand that deep cleaning your home can be a big task at the best of times.  Unlike the regular weekend clean, deep cleaning comes with many cleaning tasks that can be: Tiring Time-consuming Challenging One area in particular that makes our elbow grease run dry is upholstery cleaning. Upholstery cleaning is an [...]

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7 essential tips to clean glass WITHOUT leaving streaks behind

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cleanest of them all? How often do you clean your windows and mirrors? Odds are, the answer is “not very often!” While most of us make a habit of vacuuming our homes and mopping our floors regularly, very rarely do our windows get the same level of attention. Are you sick of cloudy [...]

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