The essential construction cleaning checklist: do you have everything?

Dust, dirt, debris - building a home or commercial property can be a dirty affair. These are just some of the messes that are present in the typical construction site.  As such, construction cleaning is a crucial - not to mention, challenging - task. In addition to making the site more pleasant for handover, it’s also essential in keeping the [...]

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Call our cleaners in Melbourne for post-holiday cleaning!

While the party may be over, the cleaning isn’t - in fact, it’s only just starting!  All holidays come to an end, and with that comes a truly ridiculous amount of post-holiday cleaning… especially if you’ve invited guests into your home or hosted countless parties during the holiday period. You’ve already got a post-party hangover to nurse - the last [...]

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Moving out? Get your bond back with our end of lease cleaning!

Moving house is stressful.  Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, have done it once or a dozen times, or are moving out with friends or your new partner, that fact doesn't change. You have to organise packers and movers, schedule time off work, and time everything so you’re not wasting money paying rent at your new place [...]

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Office cleaning over Christmas from our commercial cleaners

If you know your office is in desperate need of a clean, why not take the Christmas break as the perfect opportunity to get it sorted? Start the New Year in a fresh and clean office and engage our professional cleaners in Sydney for office cleaning during Christmas.  We know how the holiday rush can consume you. From kids’ events [...]

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Why you need a commercial cleaner for your new shop fit-out!

In today’s digital world, a physical store is no longer a necessity, as many retail businesses head online to capture their audiences.  However, online, users are flooded with distractions. In order to truly captivate your loyal customers, a physical store is often a must-have. Within your four walls, you can tell your story, share your products, and make meaningful relationships [...]

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Why you should hire a professional for tile and grout cleaning?

You hate cleaning tiles… so why on earth should you have to do it? At Master Cleaners, we LOVE cleaning. The tasks you dread? We crave.  The tasks you hate? We love!  The task you avoid? We’re ready to take them off your hands!  And one of those tasks is tile and grout cleaning. Why get down on your hands [...]

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Cleaning an aged care facility: why hire our Master Cleaners?

Aged care this, aged care that - it seems that the aged care industry is increasingly occupying news headlines, and not always for good reasons. With increasing demand for aged care services, comes cut corners and shortcuts as new aged care facilities try to grab a piece of the every-growing pie. While we’re certain your facility isn’t one of the [...]

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Why construction cleaning is essential before handover

As construction cleaners, we understand that the end of a build can be a very exciting time for everyone involved.  The build is done! Now you get to sit back, relax and marvel over what you have managed to accomplish. After all, not everyone manages to build a house from scratch in their lifetime.  It’s almost time to hand the [...]

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Our end-of-lease cleaners in Sydney explain the essentials!

As all renters know, end-of-lease cleaning is one of the most important things you’ll do while living at a property. How clean you leave things behind could determine how much (if any) of your bond you get back! The mere thought of your end-of-lease-cleaning can be exhausting - as any experienced renter knows, there’s always something that gets overlooked.  Luckily, [...]

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5 reasons why your next project needs our construction cleaners

As any builder, foreman or GC knows, safety is the number one priority on any worksite, and can help protect your workmen from avoidable injury or accidents. They also understand that sometimes schedules and deadlines don’t allow you to give cleaning the attention it deserves. Luckily, our construction cleaners can help with that! When we call ourselves Master Cleaners, we [...]

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