Why construction cleaning is essential before handover

As construction cleaners, we understand that the end of a build can be a very exciting time for everyone involved.  The build is done! Now you get to sit back, relax and marvel over what you have managed to accomplish. After all, not everyone manages to build a house from scratch in their lifetime.  It’s almost time to hand the [...]

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Our end-of-lease cleaners in Sydney explain the essentials!

As all renters know, end-of-lease cleaning is one of the most important things you’ll do while living at a property. How clean you leave things behind could determine how much (if any) of your bond you get back! The mere thought of your end-of-lease-cleaning can be exhausting - as any experienced renter knows, there’s always something that gets overlooked.  Luckily, [...]

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5 reasons why your next project needs our construction cleaners

As any builder, foreman or GC knows, safety is the number one priority on any worksite, and can help protect your workmen from avoidable injury or accidents. They also understand that sometimes schedules and deadlines don’t allow you to give cleaning the attention it deserves. Luckily, our construction cleaners can help with that! When we call ourselves Master Cleaners, we [...]

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A cleaning service in Melbourne shares 6 bathroom cleaning mistakes

As many of us know, there seems to be a direct relationship between unpleasantness and importance. For example, the more disgusting medicine tastes, the more important it is for your health. Cleaning is no different in that regard. “Bathroom cleaning” -  just the mention of the word can make many homeowners groan. For many, bathroom cleaning isn’t their favourite cleaning [...]

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Our commercial cleaners share your pre-Christmas cleaning checklist

One of the busiest (and best!) times of the year is fast approaching.  The festive season can be a lot of fun but, with so much happening it’s easy to feel under pressure. Among the list of things that happen a lot at Christmas is events - family, work, friends, the list of parties and celebrations goes on! Which is [...]

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Our commercial cleaners in Sydney explain the essentials of retail cleaning

Cleanliness - it’s your business! Retailers of all stripes know the importance of first impressions in retail, and how it can have a lasting impact on your business. You want your shop to be the one that’s  bright, sparkling and smelling fresh - not the one that passers-by dismiss as dingy. Of course, the act of cleaning your business is [...]

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A cleaning service in Sydney explains metal and stainless steel cleaning

Despite the name, stainless steel is anything but - in fact, its “stainless” quality refers to its rust-resistance rather than any inherent resistance to messes. As such, you can’t afford to ignore steel surfaces in your home cleaning routine! Of course, cleaning stainless steel and other metal surfaces comes with a range of unique requirements and considerations which you’ll need [...]

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How to choose a commercial cleaner in Sydney

So you need a cleaner to look after your office, restaurant, or showroom. Just one problem: there are literally hundreds of different businesses offering commercial cleaning services in Sydney - so how do you choose? As commercial cleaners in Sydney ourselves, we know a thing or two about what it is that sets average commercial cleaners apart from good ones. [...]

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Our cleaners in Hobart explain how to clean marble

Marble: is there a better way to instantly add wealth and sophistication to your home? Whether it’s a kitchen bench, staircase or bathroom tiles, marble simply reeks of opulence and exclusivity. Unfortunately, it’s also very fragile, and comes with special cleaning requirements. Today, our cleaners in Hobart will explain a couple of them. How to clean marble Marble is a [...]

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Our home cleaners in Melbourne ask: are you doing it right?

As experts home cleaners in Melbourne, we know first hand that there are some things that people instinctively know about cleaning...and other things that they don’t.  For example, people know they need to mop, dust and vacuum weekly. Things like that are obvious to most people, just like it’s obvious they need to do their dishes and wash their clothes.  [...]

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