Christmas cleaning Melbourne: prepare your home for family and guests

>>Christmas cleaning Melbourne: prepare your home for family and guests
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Christmas cleaning Melbourne: prepare your home for family and guests

It’s almost that time of the year again.

For many retailers,  the season of giving and sharing is the busiest time of the year.

But before the inevitable onslaught of customers comes into your store, it’s important to prepare for the inevitable.

That means planning sale items, putting up decorations, ordering stock… and of course, cleaning up!


Why you should start the Christmas season with a deep clean

Christmas is busy. And with more customers coming in, your staff will be busier, and have less time for cleaning. Not to mention, more people means more mess!

If you ask us, the best course of action is to pre-empt the Christmas rush with a deep clean of your retail store.

This prepares your store for the incoming wave of customers.

And once the Christmas rush starts picking up, it might be a good idea to book regular cleans. After all, your staff are going to be dead tired at the end of the day, and it might even be 10PM or later by the time all their closing duties are done.

Regular cleaning gives your staff that little bit of extra sleep. No offence to your staff, but our cleaners are also much better at retail cleaning too!

On top of that however, retail cleaning also offers you the advantages of…

1) Ensure your customers come back

As a retailer, your goal is to get people to come back.

There are many things that go into that, with one being cleanliness.

Cleanliness directly affects customer retention – according the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), 60% of customers report a higher chance of purchasing from a clean store than a dirty one.

As such, you need to ensure that your retail store is clean and spotless. Not only does this ensure return purchases, but it also…

2) Creates an appealing first impression

First impressions last. From the moment customers steps into a retail store, they’ve taken on  the smell, look, and feel of being there and made an impression.

You want that impression to be the best one possible. As such, you need to make sure that every corner of the store is as clean as possible without a speck of dirt to be seen.

Think of it this way: to make a return purchase, customers need to spend with you first. And a good first impression (and by extension, a clean retail space) is crucial to achieve that goal.

3) It helps you do your jobs

The silly season? More like the busy season!

Christmas is busy – there’s no way around that. The last thing you want when dealing with a conga line of customers is mess and dirt!

Dedicated cleaning time ensures that you’re not constantly needing to worry about tripping over stacked boxes or full waste bins or slipping on messy floors. Regular cleaning takes all of these things off your hands, meaning you can spend your opening hours focused on doing what you do best.


Christmas cleaning 101

Okay, so a clean retail space is essential to good sales and smoother operations this Christmas. We’ve established that.

Now the only question left is the “how”.

A clean and a tidy store is always possible through proper cleaning and maintenance with the help of a professional cleaning service in Melbourne and Sydney.

When it comes to retail cleaning, there are a couple of places that you might want to give special attention to your…

Windows and displays

The first thing any customer sees isn’t your floors, shelving or counters… rather,  it’s the outside. That means your windows and doors, as that’s the first thing they’ll encounter!

Window washing isn’t as simple as going over your glass with a wet cloth. Care needs to be taken to not scratch any signage or leave behind any water stains.

Got sale stickers or signage that need removing? We’ll take care of that for you too!

Retail store cleaning for Christmas


Picture this: you’re a customer on a Christmas shopping trip. You go in and the first thing you see are tiles and floors that are a wet and sticky mess, how likely are you to shop there?

Not very, if you’re anything like us!

Not only do clean floors leave a good first impression – it’s also a safety issue.

A clean floor reduces the chance of slipping or tripping. Mud, dirt and grease can decrease the amount of traction, potentially causing accidents (and a hefty lawsuit!)

Storage areas

Even if customers never see it, you’ll still want ensure that storage and stock rooms are well organised and free of empty boxes and clutter.

It also protects your staff as well – especially if members of your team suffer from asthma or other conditions.

Prepare for the Silly Season – choose Master Cleaners for retail cleaning in Sydney and Melbourne

When it comes to retail cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney, you can’t go past Master Cleaners.

Master Cleaners is a team dedicated cleaning professional that provides all manner of commercial cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney – that includes retail stores.

We approach every job with an eye towards your unique requirements:

  • During consultation, we only include services you need
  • We avoid doubling-up with your staff
  • Our team work around your opening hours
  • Deep cleans and nightly cleaning depending on your requirements

Prepare your store for the holiday season by contacting Master Cleaners today on 1800 11 22 34.

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