Why commercial pool cleaning in Melbourne is essential this summer

>>Why commercial pool cleaning in Melbourne is essential this summer

Why commercial pool cleaning in Melbourne is essential this summer

Cleanliness is essential to the safe and enjoyable use of any commercial or private pool.

During summer, temperatures soar sky high and patronage to your pool is bound to increase.

With such a large number of people making use of commercial pools it is important to make sure they are clean.

Pool maintenance needs to occur on a regular basis to ensure a safe ph level. This will include inspections of the filter system and cleaning equipment. A pool can only be kept sparkling clean if the appliances you use to clean it are clean as well.


Nasty bacteria bacteria professional pool cleaning removes

There are all kinds of bugs and bacteria that use the warm, wet environment of a pool to grow and breed.

That’s why you need a professional pool cleaner to ensure your pool is safe for your guests.


E.coli is a particularly awful bacteria that can cause intestinal problems.

If e.coli is present in your pool, it is very easy for people to ingest it into their systems while they are splashing around. Once an e.coli infection takes hold, it can lead to fever, diarrhea and, in severe cases, kidney failure.


Cryptosporidium is not as well known as e.coli but it can have equally awful side effects.

When the bacteria enters the body it can cause cryptosporidiosis. The infection is most commonly picked up in infected swimming pools and spas, and can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite.


The norovirus is the leading cause of gastroenteritis in Australia and once again, it can be picked up through contaminated swimming pools.

Gastroenteritis is extremely contagious and can cause severe symptoms particularly in the elderly and young children.


Finally, the bacteria shigella also lives in bodies of water like pools and can lead to shigellosis.

Like the e.coli, cryptosporidium and the norovirus, shigellosis can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

With the possibility of so many harmful bacterias lurking unseen inside your pool, do you really want to risk cleaning the swimming pool on your own?

Wouldn’t you rather someone with the experience required to make sure all the bacteria is safely and effectively eradicated?

The professionals at Master Cleaners know all the swimming pool cleaning tricks to test, identify, and clean your pool of all bacteria and bugs. You need to remember, the worst kinds of bacteria are invisible and you can’t seem them floating through your swimming pool.

interior of public swimming pool. Lanes of a competition swimming pool

Deep clean your swimming pool for optimal results

Power washing your swimming pool is essential

In order to clean away grime and leave your tiles clean and germ free, you need to power wash your pool.

The high pressure of the water will blast stains and germs right off of the tiles. Not only will this leave them clean of bacteria, it will make them look nice too.

While looks aren’t everything, a gleaming pool will entice guests and provide a positive perception of your hotel, public swimming pool, or gym.

Masters Cleaners know how to keep the tiles and grout in your pool spotless!

For older pools, with softer grouts and tiles prone to cracking – powerwashing is not always ideal.

Never fear though!

The professional pool cleaners at Masters Cleaners known the best tips and tricks to remove mould, grime and other nasty bacteria.

Masters Cleaners don’t just clean away dirt and mildew, they take the utmost care while doing so. We make sure that the only things that changes after we leave is the cleanliness of your pool.

Cleaning your gutters will keep your pool and your business clean

No stone is left unturned when your hire Master Cleaners to keep your pool clean – we never cut corners!

Our hardworking pool cleaners will be happy to tend to your gutters as well. Constant use of a pool can cause them to build up and overflow. Our professional pool cleaners will make sure you don’t need to worry about your gutters at all.


Excited to keep your visitors happy with a clean pool?

Let Master Cleaners show you how to clean your swimming pool the right way

With so many nasty viruses contractible from taking a dip in the local pool, as a pool owner you need to an expert on your side to keep your pool clean.

Master Cleaners has been providing its clients with top quality cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney for almost two decades.

Pool cleaning is just one of the many services that Master Cleaners provides. You can also count on them for:

If you need your pool cleaned then contact Master Cleaners today. Give the friendly and dedicated team a call on 1800 11 22 34 or fill in this form to get a quote.

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