Spring Clean– “Time to Shut Your Mother in Law Up – 7 Ways to Get Your House Christmas-Ready”

>>Spring Clean– “Time to Shut Your Mother in Law Up – 7 Ways to Get Your House Christmas-Ready”
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Spring Clean– “Time to Shut Your Mother in Law Up – 7 Ways to Get Your House Christmas-Ready”

As the threat of the COVID-19 is still around us, health authorities still encourage most people to just stay home if there is no need to do anything outside. And ideally, the only time that people can go out is for work, essential needs, or emergency cases.

With more people being in the house, some of them would certainly be unhappy with all the mess around their properties. The needed effort to be exerted in cleaning the house would be doubled, and out there, a lot of unhappy motherin-laws and others would look for reasons so that they can mention bad house cleaning. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to get your house ready for the upcoming holidays.

  1. Windows

Windows always obtain dirty streaks and marks that can be frustrating to remove. One of the classic ways of cleaning them is through scrubbing newspaper. However, the use of a small squeegee and Elbow grease can get the job done easily since their combination can remove dirty marks in just a few minutes.

  1. Tiling, Grout, and BBQ

Tiling, grout, and BBQ grills and equipment can all accumulate stain and grime. And so, most households would just scrub them with an appropriate cleaning solution, even if it will certainly take time. The use of high-pressure water, alternatively, can clean the tiles, grout, and BBQ grills in a very short time.

  1. Bathrooms

Cleaning the bathrooms is essential as they are often deemed as one of the dirtiest parts of a house. But before cleaning them up, you must pack everything away that is not waterproof. And then, you must spray every surface of your bathrooms with bathroom cleaner and let the bathroom shower head take care of the rest. Wipe down the sprayed surface and your bathrooms will be good to go.

  1. Kitchen

A tidy kitchen can illuminate the look of your house. Therefore, it must be cleaned thoroughly. The grooves and corners of a kitchen tend to acquire dirt and stain build-up with all the food preparation process. Luckily, they can be cleaned with just a simple scrub of a toothbrush and a cleaning solution.

  1. Skirtings and Light Switches

As you go on with your cleaning, you must also take a look at your skirtings and light switches. Since they essentially accumulate dust and cobwebs, they must be eliminated right away. You can remove them with a damp feather duster. Disinfecting the light switches can also be done for health safety purposes.

  1. Light Fittings

Essentially the same with skirtings and light switches, light fittings tend to accumulate more dust and cobwebs compared to other parts of your house. For proper cleaning of light fittings, you may want to use the good old-fashioned Elbow grease to gain optimal results.

  1. Façade

Some stubborn dirt, stains, and grime cannot be removed easily with simple scrubbing. And with the façade of your house, the presence of these elements can be frustrating and annoying. But with high-pressure cleaning, these annoying elements can be removed and eradicated easily.

Following these cleaning methods can help you get your house Christmas-ready. Alternatively, you can also hire us to do these things for you. At Master Cleaners, our job goes beyond cleaning: we help promote hygiene and health within all kinds of builds including offices, hospitals, schools, and homes.




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