After Builds and Post Construction Cleaning Services in Sydney

>>After Builds and Post Construction Cleaning Services in Sydney
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After Builds and Post Construction Cleaning Services in Sydney

Construction works, which may include new property construction, renovation, or extension, are often left with a lot of post construction debris and waste materials that are not discarded properly. While most contractors would usually ensure that the place will be cleaned, some of them would just leave them and let property owners clean a lot of debris of wood, dirt, and even paint marks.

Given the situation in most after builds and post construction works, property owners are left with no choice but to clean them. Many of them would just clean them themselves, but others might think of hiring a professional cleaning company to ensure that everything will be thoroughly cleaned. Opting for the latter option is great since cleaning professionals truly know how to clean them without leaving any spots.

Basic Overview and Principles

After builds and post construction cleaning are normally done by a group of cleaning professionals that have experience in cleaning newly constructed or newly renovated properties. Cleaning professionals are assigned to remove all the debris and dirt that have originated from the construction works. They would also make sure that the property will be both appealing, functional, and long-lasting. These professionals are known for giving the last touch to the property before occupants get to finally move in.

Compared to general cleaning services, after builds and post construction cleaning are normally grouped into two phases. The first phase of the cleaning, which is known as initial cleaning, revolves around the removal of debris, dust, and any rubbish that can be found on the surfaces of a property. The second phase of the same cleaning, called as the final detail cleaning, involves the removal of any trade defects that have been caused by construction works. From the detailing of the tiles to the paint marks, all these elements are expected to be cleaned, removed, and resolved with final detail clean.

Included Cleaning Services

With after builds cleaning, all debris, packaging, and other similar elements from the construction works will be removed on the bathrooms. Cleaning professionals would also clean all bathtubs, washbasins, shower enclosures, toilets, vanity tops, and windows and remove any paint, drywall filler, mastic, or grout. Vacuuming and polishing the floor and other surfaces are also done during the after builds clean.

Similar to the bathrooms, areas such as kitchens, living rooms, dining room, hallways, and stairs are cleaned thoroughly to make sure that the occupants can truly appreciate their properties. All debris, packaging, and dust are expected to be removed during the clean. The exterior and interior of appliances, furniture pieces, and fixtures are also cleaned. The floors, walls, and the ceiling are likewise polished, dusted, and cleaned so they can acquire great overall appearance.

Bedrooms and dressing rooms are also cleaned by cleaning professionals. The interior of windows, sills, frames, as well as the doors and frames, are wiped and cleaned thoroughly. Furniture pieces such as shelves and cabinets are likewise cleaned and dusted.

Hire Master Cleaners Australia

If you want to obtain after builds and post construction cleaning, feel free to contact us at Master Cleaners Australia. Over the past 17 years, we have quickly grown from a husband-and-wife team, working just a few hours a week, to a large team made up of passionate and highly trained detail cleaners – not just ordinary, hasty spray-and-wipers!



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