Carpet Cleaning Sydney – Clean Pet Urine Off Your Carpets

>>Carpet Cleaning Sydney – Clean Pet Urine Off Your Carpets
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Carpet Cleaning Sydney – Clean Pet Urine Off Your Carpets

We all love our fluffy companions to pieces – how could you not? The big doe-eyes, their adorable little habits, their excitement when you come home…

Ahem, sorry about that, where were we?

We absolutely adore our pets. However, even we admit that it can be hard to do so when they decide to – ahem- conduct their “business” on your carpet or furniture!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to write-off your carpet or furniture just yet – provided that you get on top of the mess immediately and use these handy tips, that is!


How to clean dog urine from carpets

Dogs get excitable – any dog owner will tell you that. You’ll get home from work and your precious little pup will be right by the door, wagging their tail and bouncing for joy.

And, well, sometimes they get a little bit too excited.

In other cases, they’ll be waiting at the door to be let outside to heed nature’s call. Only, you’re just a bit too slow – Fido just can’t hold it in any longer and just… lets go.

We recommend putting down whatever it is you’re doing and shifting all of your attention to your pooch’s potty problem.


Step 1: soak up as much as you can

The first thing you’ll want to do when cleaning up dog urine is getting rid of as much of it as possible – the longer you leave it, the more time it has to soak into your carpet or upholstery.

And once it has a foothold, it’s downright impossible to remove without professional carpet cleaning!

The first thing you’ll want to do is blot the spot in question with a clean cloth or towel. We recommend using the most absorbent material you can find – sponges are a great choice, though paper towels and cotton wads will also do the trick in a pinch.


Step 2: Apply cleaning agents

Once you’ve soaked up as much as you can, the next step is to work on removing what has made its way into your carpet or upholstery.

From one pet-owner to another, we strongly recommend buying a couple bottles of dedicated pet-cleaning product. These products are purpose-made to neutralise the compounds you’ll find in dog urine.

You can also give home cleaning solutions a try.

It’s important to note that most home-cleaning hacks (vinegar, baking soda) can make a dent in stains. However, they’ll never quite get rid of the odour – not to mention, they’re not very effective against accidents that have had time to soak in.

That said, time is of the essence – even a flawed number is better than none!

Step 3: scrub, scrub, scrub!

This step should go without saying!

Carpet cleaning using solutions and sponge.

How to clean cat urine from carpets

By contrast, cats are a lot easier to to toilet train than their canine counterparts.

That’s because cats are hard-wired to bury any waste. When nature calls they’ll seek out the nearest patch of dirt (or the next best thing) to relieve themselves – and in most homes, that means the litter tray.

However, not all cats seem to have gotten the memo!

Many see a particularly soft carpet and conclude “close enough, it’ll do the trick”. In other cases, it could be a deliberate attempt to mark their territory and establish who’s in charge (not exactly helping fight negative stereotypes about cats).

Urine doesn’t exactly smell great, even at the best of times. However, as any cat owner will tell you, our feline friends take it to the next level.

Cat urine smells far stronger than dogs’, owing to a much higher concentration of ammonia (the stuff that causes its distinctive stink).

As such, cleaning cat urine means paying particular attention to dealing with the smell.


Enzymes are key

With cat urine, you’ll want to follow a similar procedure to dog urine. When you get to step 2 however, you’ll want to supplement traditional house cleaners for an enzyme-based cleaner.

Enzymes are biological compounds that speed up chemical reactions ranging from decomposing rubbish to digestion.

And when it comes to cat urine, they’re the only thing that can effectively remove kitty’s shall we say “unique” smell.

Regular house cleaners can get rid of the actual liquid part of urine. However, only enzymes can get rid of the stuff that causes the associated stink!

It’s important to remember that not all enzyme cleaners are made equal – cheaper products will do the job, but will often need to be reapplied multiple times to obtain the same result.

Another thing you’ll want to avoid is using spray bottles of enzyme-cleaner. If you ask us, the secret to a complete cleaning is to positively douse the spot in cleaner.

Having trouble cleaning pet urine from your carpet?

Get in touch with a Master!

At Master Cleaners, we’re specialised in getting rid of the messes that are too big, tough or challenging to remove on your own.

And that includes pet urine.

Left an “accident” for too long? Struggling to get rid of a stain on your own?

Our team of professional cleaners in Sydney and Melbourne use unique techniques and products to ensure your carpet is in tip-top condition. We remove all sorts of ugly stains and persistent smells, leaving you with a cleaner, fresher carpet.

Give our team of cleaners a call today – ring us on 1800 11 22 34, or click here to ask for a quote!

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