Facility Cleaning Services: Primary Places to Clean in a Shopping Centre

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Facility Cleaning Services: Primary Places to Clean in a Shopping Centre

Shopping centres are among the places that are frequently visited by a lot of people due to different reasons. Some may want to replenish their food and other supplies at home, while others simply want to spend quality time with their families and loved ones. And as more customers visit their preferred stores, certain areas and surfaces of these stores are guaranteed to obtain and accumulate dirty elements.

Therefore, owners or managers of shopping centres must ensure that all places of their establishments will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Aside from keeping the floor, windows, and doors clean, there are also other surfaces and places in a shopping centre that require thorough cleaning and disinfection. Here are some more areas in a shopping centre where facility cleaning services must be present.

Escalator Handrails

The handrails of escalators are designed to keep the shoppers safe while travelling between floors of a shopping centre. Therefore, many people are expected to hold onto them during their entire escalator ride. Given the number of people who are visiting the shopping centre, the germs and bacteria that may be transferred to the escalator handrails can be truly abundant and overwhelming. To keep the environment of the shopping centre safe from viruses, cleaning professionals must constantly clean and disinfect the escalator handrails and their surroundings surfaces.

Public Restrooms

Another area where people tend to go a lot in a shopping centre is the restroom. Public restrooms are visited by many people for their personal needs. And since human wastes are eliminated with these spaces, different types of bacteria and germs may be found in the restrooms. Taps, door handles, and soap dispensers are likewise touched by many people, which can easily spread viruses and sickness to other shoppers. Cleaning and disinfecting the public restrooms regularly allow the shoppers to feel more confident when using them. The spread of illnesses can also be minimised once they are cleaned.

Open Seating Spaces

Shoppers are expected to take a rest for a while after roaming the shopping centre. They may also want to sit first while waiting for their companions. Thus, most shopping centres provide open seating spaces for those who want to take a sit. With these spaces, some shoppers tend to eat some food while waiting for their friends or loved ones. They may also leave some trash around, which is truly not a good thing to do. Given the possibility of leaving food bits and trash around these seating spaces, cleaning professionals should keep these areas clean to avoid attracting bugs and other harmful elements.

ATM / Elevator Buttons

Similar to previously mentioned places, the buttons found on ATMs and elevators are pressed frequently by many people. And so, the surfaces of these places must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid spreading contagious diseases. Take note, however, that these surfaces can be sensitive to cleaners. If you want to maintain the condition of ATM and elevator buttons, then you may want to contact a professional cleaning company so they can provide you with optimum cleaning procedures for these places.

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