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Home cleaning tips: the power of reducing waste

Let’s face it, nobody likes cleaning (our Masterful cleaners excepted, of course).

If you’re like most people, you probably spend hours upon hours looking for ways to cut down on cleaning time.

You look at new products, cleaning techniques and more – but have you looked at ways to reduce waste to begin with?

Find out what you can do to reduce waste, and how it can make the job of home cleaning dramatically easier.

How to: reduce waste at home

Full disclosure: putting more effort into waste reduction isn’t going to eliminate the job of cleaning. That said, it can certainly make it a whole lot easier.

Best of all, it doesn’t even take that much effort either!

Our Masterful cleaners have been performing home cleaning in Sydney and Melbourne since 2000 – over the years, we’ve seen time and again how waste makes cleaning more difficult.

Luckily, we’ve also seen how many Sydneysiders are managing waste and making their (and by extension, our) jobs easier!

Bring reusable bags when going to the supermarket

If you live in Melbourne, feel free to skip this section – Victoria’s single-use plastic bag ban means you’re already practicing this to begin with.

If you live in Sydney however, listen up!

One of the biggest messes that pop up in Sydney homes? Single-use bags. They take up space, have a habit of popping up in inconvenient places and take up space in bins.

So what better place to start than with these bags?

You can go even further if you want and bring reusable paper bags for fresh produce as well, reducing the amount of bags that end up in your home!

Avoid buying individually wrapped items

Did you know? In Japan, many supermarkets will individually wrap fruit and vegetables!

Luckily for us, most Australian stores don’t go to that extent.

That said, many products are still individually wrapped – by cutting these out however, you can reduce the amount of waste floating around your home… and by extension, the amount of cleaning as well.

Buy items in bulk

By going bulk, you’ll be able to reduce how much of your rubbish bin is taken up by extra cartons and plastic. Instead of three 1L bottles of milk, you’ll only have to worry about a single 3L bottle.

Minimal packaging helps you lessen trash at home.

Not only is this good advice to reduce waste – it’s also good advice in general if you’re looking to save a little bit of cash as well, since these often provide better value too!

The power of decluttering your home, and how it improves your cleaning

In addition to making your home feel more comfortable, taking steps to declutter your home can also make cleaning a whole lot easier!

Say you have a shelf that’s loaded with different knick-knacks and decorations. While it looks great, dusting it off can be a major pain in the neck, and take dramatically longer than it should.

Instead of having to force your way between vases, pots and other decorations, a cleaner shelf lets you attack dust directly.

There are many ways you can declutter your home – a couple of starters include…

Getting rid of old things

Begin a garage sale by selling useful items you no longer use such as old books, toys, clothes or even old appliances. In addition to taking up storage space that could be used for other items, hanging onto these can also make cleaning a whole bunch easier!

Eliminate loose cables and cords where possible

Rubbish isn’t the only source of clutter – extension cords and other loose cables can also clutter the place up, and can make cleaning out corners take longer than it needs to.

To get around this, we suggest eliminating the use of socket boards and tidying up loose cables wherever possible.

home cleaning sydney

Don’t ignore messes or dump things all over the place

You’ve just come home from work, and you don’t want to trudge up the stairs to put your jacket back in its proper place. So instead, you just plop it on the sofa, thinking to yourself “I’ll get to it later”.

The problem is that “later” is a long time away, and in many cases, that “later” pile can end up transforming into a mess that can take several minutes to tidy up.

Sure, it may not be much – compared to how little effort it would have taken to clean it up at the time however, and it’s clear that addressing it at the time is the better way of handling this.

Now imagine that instead of a hoodie, it’s a spill or a cooking mess. These stains can dry up, becoming impossible to remove – just another reason to get messes cleaned the instant they happen!

Make things easy for yourself

Call Master Cleaners for professional home cleaning in Sydney

You have to admit that oftentimes, house cleaning isn’t a fun task – doubly so if you live in a larger home, or have kids and pets!

While these waste-reducing tips can make things easier, in some cases they simply aren’t enough to make the mountains of cleaning tolerable.

That’s where we come in.

Our home cleaners in Sydney are experts in domestic cleaning. Whether it’s regular cleans or a deep clean to welcome in the new year, we can turn your cleaning from a chore into a piece of cake.

Each cleaning plan is tailored to the homeowner and the property – just one of the reasons we’ve built such a great reputation for ourselves.

Find out how our home cleaners in Sydney and Melbourne can help you – give the Masters a call today on 1800 112 234 or click here to get in touch online.

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