Keeping a clean home with pets: our home cleaners in Melbourne explain how!

>>Keeping a clean home with pets: our home cleaners in Melbourne explain how!
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Keeping a clean home with pets: our home cleaners in Melbourne explain how!

Aussies love their animals.

And we aren’t just talking about our unique native fauna, either – it’s believed that 62% of Australians own and care for at least one household pet.

Your little furry and purr-y friend is your baby. And just like a human baby, they can get a bit, well, messy to say the least!

Cleaning up after Fido is part of the package when you own a pet. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult!


How To Keep Your Home Clean – Even With Pets Around!

Our house cleaners in Melbourne have written before about cleaning up after your pets.

Ideally however, it shouldn’t come to that to begin with – you know what they say about prevention being better than cure.

Eager to avoid cleaning up furs, scratches, pet urine and pet waste? You can start by…

Keeping your pets clean

Fur. Pet dander. Mud and dirt from playing outside. These are three of the most common causes of pet-related messes.

Pet grooming is your secret weapon against these messes – what better way to avoid messes by ensuring that your pet is clean at all times?

Regularly brushing your pets removes loose fur and pet dander. We suggest using a fine brush to get rid of loose furs – not only does this prevent shedding, but most pets love it!

With dogs in particular, we strongly recommend giving your pooch a quick rinse with shampoo after coming home from a walk. We all know excited they can get when they go outside!

Get your pets potty trained

If your pets aren’t potty-trained already, we strongly recommend getting on top of that, ASAP.

Needless to say, this will completely eliminate the risk of an unfortunate “accident” indoors!

Luckily for you, cats are genetically hard-wired to bury their, ahem, business – leave a litter tray out and they should get the memo pretty quickly.

Dogs are harder – you can get started by regulating feeding times, and encouraging them to “go” in your backyard. This establishes good habits, and can help you avoid many unexpected messes.

Professional dog training classes are another good suggestion if your own efforts aren’t bearing fruit.

Clean using a vacuum cleaner

Alright, so this tip is a little less proactive – however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it!

Anyone who has a cat or dog that sheds knows that regular brushing of carpets and sofas may not be enough to get rid of furs and other allergens.

Get a quality vacuum cleaner that can get rid of loose fur and remove any allergens.

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Set up a dedicate a pet cleaning station

Say the worst happens, and your dog, cat or ferret makes a mess – you’ll need to act fast if you want to avoid permanent stains or smells.

So you can’t afford to waste any time fumbling around for the right cleaning supplies!

A pet cleaning station in your home provides a dedicated space where towels, wipes, and spray bottles are easily accessible for immediate use in case you need to clean up after your pet.

How to deal with smells

It’s not just messes you need to worry about – you can’t forget about smells either!

Proper ventilation in the home is crucial, as it allows fresh air to properly circulate. Not to mention, good home ventilation can also help in keeping bad pet odours away.

We suggest placing litter trays and pee pads in areas of the home with good ventilation or windows. This will stop unwelcome smells from spreading to the rest of your home.

Another good idea is to use litter and pads that hide the smell. Automatic odour neutralisers are another great choice – place them near your pet’s toilet area, and they’ll automatically activate when your pet goes to do their “business”.

Keep bins secure

Does your pet have a habit of vomiting? One way to prevent that is to make an effort to keep your bins more secure!

That’s because just like humans, our four-legged companions can’t eat everything – for example:

These are just some of the foods your pet’s stomach may find disagreeable, and which can cause vomiting (or worse!)

You’ll want to minimise their consumption of such foods by cleaning up the kitchen and by keeping them away from your rubbish bin!

We suggest taking steps to secure your bins. Choose a bin with a latch and a lid, and if possible, keep your bin secured under your sink or in a cupboard of their own.

Our home cleaners in Melbourne can help you keep your home clean – even if you live with pets!

Our cleaners are responsible for more than just homes – among other things, we’ve worked on high-rise buildings, shopping centres, factories, schools and more.

Not only are these big jobs, but in many cases, they can also be tough, with countless deep, stubborn stains and slicks.

Needless to say, we can handle a bit of pet-related messes!

Our home cleaners in Melbourne have one mission: to transform your home into a pristine, safe, and healthy space.

We provide exceptional home cleaning services in Sydney and Melbourne – no dirt is too tough, too dirty, or too big for our Masterful team of cleaners to handle.

Join the hundreds of homes and businesses in both Sydney and Melbourne who have.put their cleanliness in our capable hands. Contact Master Cleaners today on 1800 11 2234 or fill in the form to get a quote of your cleaning tasks.

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