Primary Biological Hazards of Professional Cleaning

>>Primary Biological Hazards of Professional Cleaning
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Primary Biological Hazards of Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaners are often hired to effectively carry out essential cleaning and disinfection services. One primary reason why they are utilised for cleaning activities is due to their superb expertise in the cleaning industry. The combination of their years of experience and knowledge allows them to conduct any type of cleaning process and use the right set of tools and solutions.

Apart from their experience and knowledge, professional cleaners are hired to perform cleaning since they know what type of environment they are dealing with. They likewise know the risks that are associated with their work. They even acknowledge the presence of different hazards on any project site.

One prominent type of hazards that professional cleaners often face is biological hazards. Over the past few decades, the cleaning industry certainly recognises the presence of various biological hazards on different types of properties. Some examples of these hazards are the following:


One of the most common groups of biological hazards that can be found in properties is bacteria. Bacteria are minuscule single-celled organisms that can be found almost everywhere. Even human bodies are filled with bacteria. Dirty properties and spaces, however, would most likely contain disease-causing bacteria. Without appropriate protection, professional cleaners can easily get sick once this type of bacteria enters their bodies.

Some common illnesses that are associated with bacteria are allergic dermatitis, purulent infections, inflammatory conditions, and rheumatic diseases. Handwashing, disinfection, sterilisation, and wearing of protective equipment are some of the best ways to avoid getting sick due to bacteria exposure.


Another biological hazard that is often present in dirty properties and areas is viruses. Viruses are microscopic parasites that can replicate significantly once they have infected living cells of an organism. These biological hazards can infect not only people, but also animals, plants, and even bacteria. Various diseases can be generated out of viruses. And unfortunately, most of them cannot be cured fully.

Diseases caused by virus infection may include hepatitis, tetanus, and HIV. The best way to prevent catching these diseases is to undergo vaccination. Additionally, professional cleaners can minimise their exposure to viruses if they will be utilising personal protective equipment.


One more biological hazard that can be found in almost all dirty and unmaintained properties is mould. Whenever a surface obtains moisture due to leaks, high interior humidity, or flooding, mould spores can effectively grow. Without resolving the source of moisture formation, the mould spores will only accumulate and spread very quickly which can then affect the health of the people inside the property.

Once the professional cleaners are exposed to moulds, they might experience different symptoms such as sneezing, cough, and nasal congestion. They might even obtain respiratory infection and allergic reactions. Wearing personal protective equipment can help the cleaners avoid the adverse health effects of moulds inside the property.

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