Residential Builder’s Cleaning After Construction: What to Expect from Professional Cleaners?

>>Residential Builder’s Cleaning After Construction: What to Expect from Professional Cleaners?
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Residential Builder’s Cleaning After Construction: What to Expect from Professional Cleaners?

Right after the construction of residential properties, builders are expected to clean the rooms and spaces of the said properties. While some of them do truly clean them, the quality of their cleaning can be somehow underwhelming. Therefore, property owners or managers would just hire professional cleaners to perform the needed cleaning activities themselves.

Professional cleaners can provide great advantages to residential properties and their respective owners or managers. They can ensure faster occupancy of tenants who have already secured or reserved their units. These cleaners can also make sure that all cleaning supplies, substances, and construction wastes will be removed and discarded properly. Professional cleaners likewise allow property owners to save a significant amount of time and money as they can effectively perform most types of cleaning services.

Qualities of Professional Cleaners

All previously mentioned advantages of professional cleaners are all possible given that they have all the necessary qualities required for the perfect after construction or builder clean.

Professional cleaners have all the skills and knowledge that enable them to perform all necessary cleaning tasks and procedures. They know the perfect type of cleaning methods and products that can be deemed effective for certain areas and surfaces. They likewise know how to dispose of waste and construction materials properly. All of these are possible since they are well-trained and experienced.

Another great quality of professional cleaners is that they are consistent and precise. Given their years of training and experience in the industry, they are capable of providing great cleaning services without compromising quality throughout their works. They are also strict when it comes to adhering to deadlines, ensuring that the properties can be turned over to unit owners at the right time.

Inclusions of After Build Cleaning

There are two types of cleaning processes that are being done during the after build cleaning.

  • Initial Clean: The first type of clean is the initial clean. This type of clean is intended to remove all dust, debris, and other dirty particles once the construction wastes are discarded from the property. Initial clean may be done by the builders themselves. However, other builders do not perform this clean, relying heavily on professional cleaners to perform initial cleaning.
  • Final Clean: The second type of clean is the final clean, which can be further divided into final interior clean and final exterior clean. Final interior cleaning pertains to a more thorough and detailed cleaning of the interior spaces and rooms. Cabinets, countertops, sink, bathtub, appliances, doors, flooring, windows, and other fixtures and surfaces are all expected to be cleaned. Final exterior cleaning, alternatively, is done to remove excess trash and prepare outdoor areas for landscaping purposes. This type of clean can effectively increase the curb appeal of the property.

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