Searching Names for a Builders Clean

>>Searching Names for a Builders Clean

Searching Names for a Builders Clean

I know this seems like an obvious question but we do get asked this often. I have written other content on our website that explains what common cleaning tasks are completed in a builder’s clean but here, I wanted to discuss some of the different sectors and varied names applied within the industry for this kind of work. We undertake a wide range of cleaning jobs in the domestic and commercial segments of the industry and it can get confusing.

Builder’s cleaning is basically any type of cleaning function related to construction. Predominantly we work with builders to get their construction projects cleaned and ready for occupation by their clients. More often these days we work with builders many times during the construction process when they need cleaning tasks completed.

Additionally, there seems to be an emergence of cleaning work with interior designers who need specific detail cleaning tasks to finalise their work for handover. I foresee that different sectors of the construction industry will continue to evolve and reach out for cleaning companies that have the ability to deliver on their specific needs.

It is a confusing part of the market share to name or label. Many derivatives include:

  • Pre-build Cleans
  • After Build Cleaning
  • Final Clean
  • Construction and Post Construction Cleaning
  • Developer Cleaning
  • Interior Design Cleanup
  • Handover Cleaning

When it is difficult to name or label a market segment in can be difficult to find online exactly what you are searching for. If you are in the construction industry and find it difficult to find a commercial cleaning company to work with you then perhaps this will help spread your search.

I have included a link to download our eBook on ‘How to Find The Best Commercial Cleaner The First Time’ that covers all the pros and cons of identifying the best cleaning company for you.

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