Take Christmas office cleaning in Sydney off your hands

>>Take Christmas office cleaning in Sydney off your hands
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Take Christmas office cleaning in Sydney off your hands

With 2018 wrapping up, it’s time to start preparing for the holidays.

That means knocking out as many projects as possible before you close, resolving outstanding tickets and compensating for a shorter January (as well as setup time).

Another job that comes with Christmas preparations in your business? Cleaning.

Unfortunately, not all of us have time for Christmas office cleaning!

This also means that oftentimes, Christmas office cleaning (and any sort of workplace cleaning, really) gets pushed to the backburner.

Make no mistake though: cleaning is still an important part of your Christmas plans.


Office preparation clean up before and after Christmas party

Preparation is always the key for any successful Christmas event.

The thing is in most cases, you’ll be preparing and setting up for your company Christmas party while working on your regular job too. And with the Christmas rush that many businesses experience, that can leave precious little time to prepare!

Feeling the pinch? Why not hand it over to a professional?

A professional cleaner provides top-of-the-line Christmas office cleaning.

Moreover, we’ll take one of the most arduous and time-consuming parts of party preparation off your hands, letting you shift your focus to organising food and decor.

More importantly however, we’re also available to clean up after everything’s said and done!


Heavy-duty cleaning

With so much activity going on in the weeks leading up to Christmas, it’s understandable that cleaning gets put in the “We’ll do it later” pile.

Unfortunately, that’s often where it stays!

Not only does this put the pressure on you, but for many businesses (factories in particular) that can lead to some heavy-duty stains and messes building up.

Can’t be bothered cleaning it up yourself? A professional cleaner might be just what you need.

Our specialty? The jobs that are too big, too tough, and too dirty for your staff to take care of on their own.

If properly breaking down your office for the Christmas break is going to take too much time or effort, a professional cleaner can help out. We’ll scrub, disinfect and scrape until your workplace is left spotless for Christmas.

Office cleaning after Christmas party

Cleaning during the holiday break

Christmas office cleaning is one thing. Ensuring that it stays clean throughout the break is another!

While not all offices have this problem, many offices attached to warehouses and factories often develop a thin coating of dust or grime.

This needs to be cleaned up during the break to ensure your team come back to a clean office.

Not to mention, bathrooms require constant cleaning to prevent mould and bacteria from taking hold. The high humidity means that these are a risk, even if nobody’s using it.

There’s just one problem: nobody wants to come in during their holiday to clean!

Would you want to abandon your Christmas plans to dust everything down? Of course not – so why should your employees?

Professional cleaning means you can enjoy a cleaner workplace when you come back from Christmas without having to take time off to do it yourself.

Specialised cleaning services

When we say we’re Master Cleaners, we mean it – we’re just that good at our jobs!

Not only are we thorough, but we also provide services that few others can offer such as:

These specialised cleaning jobs take a lot of time – moreover, they’re also extremely disruptive, and can cause operations to come to a screeching halt.

So what better time to schedule them than the Christmas break?

With everybody at home celebrating, this is the perfect time to get these specialist, time-consuming cleaning jobs out of the way. Give us a ring today and we’ll come up with a cleaning schedule that fits into your break!


Take Christmas office cleaning off your hands – you deserve it!

Contact Master Cleaners today!

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate – so why not let Master Cleaners take your cleaning off your hands?

Operating in both Sydney and Melbourne, we’ll help you prepare your workplace for Christmas, as well as your return.

We provide Mastered cleaning services for all types of workplaces, including:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Shopping centres
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Showrooms
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Schools

Contact us today at 1800 11 22 34 or click here to contact us and save time and effort this Christmas!

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