What Does a Builder Look for in a Cleaner

>>What Does a Builder Look for in a Cleaner

What Does a Builder Look for in a Cleaner

There is a huge range of ‘needs & wants’ that builder’s look for in a commercial cleaner that works on their project to prepare it for handover to their client.

The most successful building outcomes, stem from a well – planned team of contractors……………and cleaners are a part of the team.

So exactly what do builders look for in selecting a ‘Partner in Grime’?

Certainly in Australia, there is a list of requirements that builders look for when selecting a commercial cleaner that often have little to do with the actual cleaning process.

What I am talking about is commercial cleaning contract companies that have the simpler stuff sorted out such as: up to date Public Liability insurance, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that reflect the actual cleaning products that they use, electrical equipment that is tested, dated & tagged.

In our opinion these are critical and the easy things to sort out but there is a raft of other attributes that builders are looking for – especially the larger new home builders.

Size Matters

Many of the larger new home builders build large numbers of homes and they need a contract cleaning team that can adequately service such a large volume of homes not only thoroughly, but on schedule. Large new home builders can build anywhere from 200 to 1000 homes per year and need to be partnered with suppliers and contractors that can reliably service all of their requirements.

In Sydney for example, new home builders need a contract cleaning company capable of servicing their builds from Newcastle to Wollongong. In a perfect world all of these homes that need cleaning are carefully scheduled will in advance but sometimes things pop up and need addressing with a minimal lead time and you need the scale of an agile cleaning team to be able to get it done.

Furthermore, many large new home builders work in more than one State and they may prefer to use the same suppliers and companies Nationally.

It Is Not Just Size That Counts

It is a challenging prospect of not only having a team that is large enough to service the volume of a large new home builder, but the real challenge is maintaining our critical standards of excellence with such volume.

Not only do contract cleaners need to have depth in their team, their team needs to be happy. Employees need to be paid equal or above the State Award Rates and be a part of a company that develops, motivates and inspires people to want to be part of the industry. With so many underpaid and uninsured contractors in the market it can be difficult for legitimate businesses to compete.

There is an old saying which rings true in our industry.

‘You are only as good as your last job’

We use the latest technology that assists us in meeting these objectives. We have a heavy emphasis on training to ensure our teams know what cleaning standards need to be met but also what process to follow to not cause any damage to the home or it’s contents. Careful use of products and techniques to ensure we don’t scratch or discolour the items that we are cleaning.

Also, we need to allow sufficient time-frames to clean particular tasks i.e. if not enough time is scheduled for a task, then we can’t get the desired standard of excellence. We can’t have any operational procedure become an obstacle to delivering on our promise to builders that we clean for.

We Need To Listen Carefully

Often when we are working with home builders, the cleaning tasks that we completed for the last home, may not be relevant for the current or next home.

Cleaners need to be able to listen and action the sporadic requests from a builder. Due to the changing needs of each job, cleaning contractors need to be trained and have access to equipment that might be needed. Like what?

Well a cleaner may need to be able on short notice to high pressure wash a driveway, be able to clean gutters or hard access windows and be Height Safety Trained or be able to steam clean carpets with a short lead time.

This kind of scale and agility to get the job done on time is really attractive to a builder.

Regardless to the size of the builder, we take our construction builds seriously and want to be viewed as a ‘Partner in Grime’ with our builders and stay ready.

I have included a link to download our eBook on ‘How to Find The Best Commercial Cleaner The First Time’ that covers all the pros and cons of identifying the best cleaning company for you.

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