Why you should call the Masters for professional Airbnb cleaning in Melbourne

>>Why you should call the Masters for professional Airbnb cleaning in Melbourne
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Why you should call the Masters for professional Airbnb cleaning in Melbourne

Eager to earn the coveted title of “superhost?”

If so, you can’t afford to overlook cleanliness!

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a professionalAirbnb investor, a clean Airbnb property is essential if you want to be recognised as a superhost.

Sure, you have a great location, affordable rates and all the essential amenities. But if the first thing a guest sees when they turn up to your property are stains, marks and messes, you can kiss those 5-star reviews goodbye!

Make no mistake, cleanliness is crucial if you want to make a good first impression.

And the best way to guarantee that? Professional Airbnb cleaning, that’s how!


Why hire a cleaning professional for Airbnb property?

1) You’ll save a bunch of time and effort

Let’s not beat around the bush – being anAirbnb host is anything but a “passive” income stream. As any host will tell you, there’s actually a lot of physical work that goes into maintaining an Airbnb property!

For example, when guests leave it’ll be on you to clean up afterwards and prepare the property for the next guest.

You’ll have to:

  • Scrub and disinfect bathrooms
  • Clean out cooktops
  • Clean all the sheets and towels
  • Vacuum
  • Perform spot cleans on the carpet
  • Clear the bins

That’s a lot of work to put on one person – especially if you’ve only got a couple of hours until the next guest arrives!

Tired? Have other commitments? Can’t be bothered?

ProfessionalAirbnb cleaning may hold the answer!

2) Specialised products and equipment

Let’s be clear: we don’t mean to suggest that your cleaning skills aren’t up to scratch.

However, the fact of the matter is many hosts simply don’t have the right tools, cleaning products or know-how to clean anAirbnb property to superhost standards.

For example, say a guest accidentally spills some wine onto a carpet. They’ve done their best to clean it for you, but despite their efforts, there’s still an obvious stain.

And since it’s been several days, the stain has well and truly set!

Luckily for you, professional Airbnb cleaners arrive with a powerful arsenal of cleaning products and equipment, appropriate for any and all household messes:

  • Specialised cleaning detergents
  • A variety of cloth, wipes and brushware for all sorts of surfaces
  • Powerful vacuums
  • Steam cleaners for stubborn spots

And that includes the tools and products necessary to conquer stubborn, tough stains such as wine… all without damaging your property.

A clean modern style living room

3) Regular deep cleaning

As a host, your focus is on cleaning up messes left behind by your guests.

But are you paying enough attention to the messes that you don’t see?

In addition to cleaning up after guests, it’s crucial that your Airbnb property undergoes regular deep cleaning. Deep cleaning ensures that every part of your Airbnb property is spick and span, and includes services such as:

Think of it like spring cleaning, but more frequent.

You mightn’t have the time or equipment to properly carry out a deep clean of your Airbnb property – luckily, we do.

4) We know our stuff!

It isn’t just the cleaning products and equipment that make professional Airbnb cleaning so important – there’s the human element too.

Professional cleaners are more than just spray-and-wipers. At Master Cleaners, we recruit staff with extensive experience in the cleaning industry.

We’re very particular with who gets to join our team of Masters – each of our cleaners is insured, well-trained, and undergoes a mandatory police-check.

Combined with expert knowledge, an unmatched eye for detail and our inventory of tools and products, and you can rest easy knowing you’re just that little bit closer to superhost!

Clean exterior house with pool

Call the Masters for professional Airbnb cleaning!

Become a superhost and make every one of your guest’s stays truly unforgettable with the help of Master Cleaners!

At Master Cleaners, our motto is simple: we’ll take care of all the jobs that are too big, tough or challenging to take care of on your own.

Our team give your Airbnb property the 5-star treatment.

Best of all, Master Cleaners has no lock-in contracts, giving you the freedom to engage our masterful Airbnb cleaners on an as-needed basis.

Contact Master Cleaners at 1800 11 22 34 or click here to get a quotation for your cleaning requirements today.

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