7 essential tips to clean glass WITHOUT leaving streaks behind

>>7 essential tips to clean glass WITHOUT leaving streaks behind
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7 essential tips to clean glass WITHOUT leaving streaks behind

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cleanest of them all?

How often do you clean your windows and mirrors? Odds are, the answer is “not very often!”

While most of us make a habit of vacuuming our homes and mopping our floors regularly, very rarely do our windows get the same level of attention.

Are you sick of cloudy windows and streaked mirrors in your home? If so, it might be time to give your windows and mirrors a quick clean.

How to clean mirrors and glass – without streaks

Cleaning windows isn’t as easy as just wiping them down with a wet wipe – believe it or not, there’s a proper way to do it… one that doesn’t leave behind obvious streaks or smudges.

How? We’re glad you asked! We’ve asked a couple of our window cleaners in Melbourne about their secrets, and here’s what they had to say…

Tip #1: Identify the condition of your mirrors and glasses

Before heading to your cleaning proper, make sure to check your mirrors, windows and glass first for cracks or damage need to be addressed first before cleaning.

With windows in particular, you’ll also want to determine whether the problem is inside or out. We’ve all had moments where we’ve spent minutes fruitlessly scrubbing, only to realise the mess is on the other side of the window!

Tip #2: start with a quick vacuum

Streaks are the result of dirt and dust getting smeared by your sponge or squeegee as you clean. As such, you’ll want to remove as much of it as possible before you get started.

If you have a small handheld vacuum cleaner, we suggest starting off by going over your window with them first.

Of course, it’s crucial that your vacuum head is suitable for usage on glass – otherwise, you may leave scratches behind, which are even worse than streaks!

Tip #3: wait for an overcast day where there’s no rain forecast (if possible)

This is because direct sunlight can cause your window washing solution to evaporate before it’s had time to do its job. Not to mention, it gives you less time to wipe away runoff, increasing the chances of streaks.

Likewise, wind is another thing you’ll have to factor in, as it can also accelerate drying.

While it’s certainly possible to clean windows under these conditions (our window cleaners in Melbourne do it all the time), waiting for more favourable weather makes things slightly easier.

Window with very dirty and dusty glass in daylight

Tip #4: use the right tools

Many people swear by newspapers and paper towels for window washing.

According to our professionals however, they’re the wrong tools for the job!

Simply put, newspaper and paper towels simply don’t offer the level of absorbency needed. Instead of soaking up all the dirt and messes, newspaper and paper towels just pushes it around, leaving streaks.

Not to mention, ink from newspapers is liable to bleed into your cleaning mixture, leaving streaks that are even worse than what you started with, while paper towels often leave lint behind!

Our window cleaners in Melbourne suggest sticking with squeegees, or better yet, sponges.

Tip #5: water on its own won’t cut it

While tap water can get the job done, it isn’t ideal.

There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. Plain water can’t cut through more stubborn messes and grime
  2. In many cases, tap water requires more effort
  3. You’ll need a lot more of it to get the same results

Sure, it’s doable – but in many cases, the extra elbow grease simply isn’t worth it!

Instead, we suggest popping down to your local Woolies to pick up some glass cleaner.

Failing that, vinegar is an excellent substitute (and one you’ll find in just about every home!) Either mix equal parts vinegar and water, or spray your window with vinegar and let it sit.

Tip #6: if you’re using a bucket, swap out the water every once in a while

It’s a simple mistake to make – and it’s one that far too many homeowners fall into!

When your water reaches the point where it’s no longer clear, dump it and replace it with new water ASAP.

The reasoning should be fairly obvious – dirty water will leave stains on your windows, leading to streaks.

Tip #7: dry as you go

Ideally, you should have a second sponge on-hand to dry up your handiwork as you go.

Streaks happen because water and solution loosen dirt and dust. When the moisture evaporates, dirt and dust is left behind – just in streaks instead of in corners.

By drying as you go, you’re actively removing water and all the dirt and dust it has lifted.

When drying, you’ll also want to dry corners and window frames, as this will help you prevent mould and water damage.

Masterful glass cleaning in Melbourne

As you can see, there’s a lot more to it than just going over your windows and mirrors with a wet wipe – especially if you want to avoid streaks!

It’s tough – if you aren’t feeling up for it, let Master Cleaners take care of everything for you.

There’s nothing our cleaners in Melbourne can’t do. That includes window washing.

Master Cleaners are pleased to offer window washing as part of our commercial and domestic deep cleaning services.

We even offer high-rise window cleaning for skyscraper buildings in Melbourne and Sydney!

Don’t have the time for a deep clean? Are certain messes too hard to get rid of on your own? Is your home too much for one person to handle?

If so, call the Masters!

Contact Master Cleaners on 1800 11 22 34 or fill in the form to request a quotation from us today.

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