Construction cleaning vs builders cleaning: what’s the difference?

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Construction cleaning vs builders cleaning: what’s the difference?

Are you working on a construction project? Or moving into a newly-finished house?

If so, a call to our cleaners in Melbourne and Sydney is in order!

Among the many services our masterful cleaners offer are two that might interest you:

  1. Construction cleaning
  2. Builders cleaning

They sound pretty similar at first blush. However, there’s a crucial difference between the two… can you guess what it is?

The key difference between construction cleaning and builders cleaning

One word: timing.

While they both deal in construction, the main difference between construction cleaning and builders cleaning is when it happens!

Construction cleaning focuses on cleaning a construction site while your team is working on it, with an eye towards creating the safest and cleanest site possible for your chippies and contractors.

By contrast, builders cleaning happens at the very end, once everything else is done – think of it as the cherry on the top, or as the finishing touch.

Both of these types of cleaning are critical, and both should be included in your planning!

The importance of construction cleaning

Construction is a dirty business – you knew that when you first signed up and began your very first project.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way!

As we all know, building a new house or office comes with a LOT of mess, debris and more.  It isn’t just messy – it can also make your job a lot harder:

  • Messes present tripping hazards
  • Dust can be inhaled, impacting your team’s wellbeing
  • Messes can create obstacles which are hard to work around

Worst part is, these messes continue to build up throughout construction. While you can clean them up, after a while, they’ll be back.

Regular construction cleaning is all about targeting these and getting rid of them before they start piling up. It should be performed on a regular basis throughout construction, depending on how messy your site can get.

Finally, it’s also a lot of effort. Just think about how much mess construction tends to generate. Do you and your team really have the energy needed to deal with all of that? Especially after such a long day at work?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could clock off instead of being forced to stay behind and clean up afterwards?

The importance of builders cleaning

Otherwise known as entry, move-in and after-build cleaning, builders cleaning is all about transforming the property from a construction site into a finished building.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes – would you be happy moving into a place that…

  • … is covered in dust?
  • … has dust in all the corners?
  • … coated in paint stains?
  • … has debris trapped in the carpets?

It simply isn’t fair to put that on the owners!

Need a more compelling argument? Think of it this way: how does it look for a builder like you if you hand over a property that’s dirty and covered in messes?

What do you think that will do to your reputation as a builder?

Hence, the importance of in-depth builders cleaning!

Don’t DIY – why you should call a pro for construction and builders cleaning!

As a builder, you’re used to doing everything by yourself. However, construction cleaning and building cleaning shouldn’t be on that list!

Why’s that?

  • It’s a LOT of work
  • It soaks up a lot of time
  • What if you miss something?

While you CAN clean on your own, we don’t recommend it – that’s why we recommend getting a professional cleaner to do it for you!

By going with a pro, you can…

builders cleaning

Keeps every area safe and eliminate potential hazards

You’re specialised in building – we’re specialised in cleaning!

That’s what allows us to provide a much more in-depth clean than your team might be able to.

We do this for a living, so we’ve gotten quite good at noticing where dust and debris tends to accumulate. We won’t just clean obvious areas, but also less-visible places messes can accumulate, such as cleaning air conditioning vents.

Avail of various types of construction and builders cleaning services

Sweeping and dusting is pretty straightforward – anyone could do it.

But what about more difficult cleaning jobs?

Another advantage of calling a professional? We can perform specialist cleaning services for messes that you might have trouble with.

For example:

Using proven techniques and products, our team can remove each of these types of messes for you, without causing damage.

For example, say you accidentally get paint on glass. Are you confident in your ability to clean it off without scratching the glass?

If not, leave it to a pro!

We create custom cleaning solutions to your construction site 

Our Master Cleaners don’t just do a great job cleaning. We also customise each of our cleaning plans around YOUR needs.

Each construction project is different, and will require different types of cleaning.

What’s more, each project also runs on a different schedule!

Our team takes great pains to work around yours.

Tell us your timetable and working hours, as well as how often you want us to clean. We’ll come in and take stock of the messes at your site, before putting together a cleaning plan for your building project.

We save you time

After all, time is money!

Need construction and builders cleaning for your project?

Too tough? Too dirty? Too big? We Master what you can’t clean!

Construction cleaning and builders cleaning is a must for any domestic or commercial construction project. You want to entrust it to a team that you trust.

With 20 years of experience, our team is the one to call.

Our Masterful cleaners have worked on all sorts of construction projects:

In fact, we’re so good that many choose to continue using us for ongoing cleaning once they’re moved in and everything’s set up!

Need builders cleaning in Sydney? Need after-build cleaning for a project in Melbourne?

For expert builders and construction cleaning that leaves the property spotless for handover, contact Master Cleaners today on 1800 11 22 34 or fill in the form to get a quote.

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