Our home cleaners in Melbourne ask: are you doing it right?

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Our home cleaners in Melbourne ask: are you doing it right?

As experts home cleaners in Melbourne, we know first hand that there are some things that people instinctively know about cleaning…and other things that they don’t. 

For example, people know they need to mop, dust and vacuum weekly.

Things like that are obvious to most people, just like it’s obvious they need to do their dishes and wash their clothes. 

However, our team does see the same mistakes being made over and over again when it comes to house cleaning.

It seems as much as there are cleaning necessities that most people know they have to do, there are also cleaning necessities that most people don’t know they have to do. 

You don’t need to worry though. Our experts home cleaners in Melbourne are here to clear everything up for you!

Don’t like cleaning? Our home cleaners LOVE it!

Searching for a reliable house cleaner? Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, or monthly visits, our qualified home cleaners will keep your home in pristine condition. Find out more about our house cleaning services here, or contact our team today.

The most common household areas that aren’t cleaned properly

The bed – change the sheets once a week

We know what you’re thinking. Changing your sheets once a week seems like an awful lot.

We often hear our clients telling us that changing sheets that often seems unnecessary. 

That’s when we clue them into a few facts that more often than not change their minds about the matter. 

The average person sweats ½ a pint of liquid a night

Not many people realise they sweat in their sleep but think about it for a moment…how do you feel when you wake up?

Many people are “morning shower-ers”, who feel the need to freshen up before they tackle their day. 

That’s in part because your bodies have been kept warm underneath your blankets and you’ve been sweating throughout the night!

You shed skin cell when you sleep, too!

In addition to all that sweat your producing at nice, you are also shedding skin cells in your sleep

When you think about all those skin cells lying invisible in your bed…we bet you want to go and clean your sheets right now!

You’ll certainly want to clean them even more when you realise that all those skin cells can  attract bed bugs, too!

So, we’re sure everyone can agree that washing your sheets weekly is an absolute must to maintain a clean and healthy home environment. 

The microwave – wipe it out weekly!

Now, we’ll be honest…we can’t believe how many people don’t wipe out their microwave once a week. 

The microwave is becoming more and more relied upon in our modern day world, even to the point where some people use it for almost every meal!

Lots of people make the mistake of putting food in the microwave without a cover. This means that as the food heats up and bubbles, the food splatters onto the top of the microwave. 

We know that the mess in the microwave goes unnoticed by a lot of people because they can’t see the ‘ceiling’ of their microwave but trust us – the mess is there. 

Even if you are using a cover for you food when you heat it up – think about all the different kinds of food you heat in the microwave. 

People heat up their milk, cook their porridge, defrost raw meat, steam vegetables, heat up dessert, cook cake-in-a-cup and the list goes on…

With so many different kinds of food from so many different sources going in and out of your microwave you want to make sure your reduce the risk of cross contamination. 

So do yourself (and everyone you live with!) a favour… wipe down your microwave once a week.

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Washing machines and dishwashers – clean them once a month

A lot of people get confused when we ask them how often they clean their washing machines and dishwashers. 

It’s actually incredibly important to be cleaning your dishwasher out once a month, and your washing machine too. 

Why, you ask?

That’s simple. Over the period of a month your dishwasher and your washing machine clean a lot of food, dirt and bacteria off your dishes and clothes. 

After a while all of that bacteria and gunk can build up inside your dishwasher or washing machine, making you sick in the process!

So, the next obvious question is how do you clean your dishwasher or washing machine?

That’s easy. You can buy dishwasher and washing machine cleaning products at the supermarket. 

All you have to do is add the cleaning product to the washing machine or dishwasher and run it through a cycle. 

When it’s that easy to clean – why wouldn’t you do it?

Our home cleaners in Melbourne will keep your house clean and hygienic 

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If you’re in need of a team of house cleaners in Melbourne, Sydney, or Hobart, get in contact with Master Cleaners. 

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It’s important to us that your home is kept as clean as possible so that you and your family can be healthy and happy all year around. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our home cleaning services, get in touch with our friendly team.

You can give us a call on 1800 11 22 34 or fill in this form online to tell us a little more about your cleaning needs.

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