Residential and After Builds Cleaning: Why is Dust Removal Very Important?

>>Residential and After Builds Cleaning: Why is Dust Removal Very Important?

Residential and After Builds Cleaning: Why is Dust Removal Very Important?

Houses and other structures that have been recently built are expected to feature clean surfaces and spaces. However, these expectations are generally not met as some contractors do not perform thorough cleaning after completing their projects. Worse, they might even just leave and abandon some construction tools, materials, and other types of wastes on some parts of the properties.

And as these things are left behind, the amount of dirty particles that may accumulate on these spaces can be significant to the point where they can already affect the overall value of these properties. One of the particles that may build up significantly is dust particles, which can be harmful when left uncleaned.

Sources of Dust Particles

Dust is primarily comprised of fine solid particles that can come from a wide variety of sources like soil, pollution, and others. For properties, dust is typically composed of dead skin cells, hair, clothing fibres, dust mites, soil particles, pollen, bacteria, microscopic plastic specks, and other minuscule elements. While the construction tools and waste materials from the contractors do not necessarily produce these dust particles, their surfaces can instead serve as the ground for their continuous accumulation. And as time passes by, these particles can be carried by the wind and circulate the property.

What is dangerous about these particles is that they can be very small. Dust particles that are around 10 microns in diameter are considered to be big, and can still be seen easily by human eyes. Alternatively, those particles that are about 0.3 microns in diameter can be difficult to spot. These small particles are known to be more dangerous as they can easily lodge in the lungs and cause illnesses.

Effects of Dust Exposure

The primary composition of the dust particles alone can already justify the need to remove them right away. After all, dust particles can even contain more elements as they are left untouched for a longer time. They may obtain bacteria and viruses that can cause the spread of diseases. They may also contain silica dust, asbestos fibre, heavy metals, toxins from cigarette smoke, and remnants of household chemicals that can compromise body systems and trigger infections, asthma, and allergies.

The health of all the people and even pets inside the property can be affected by the presence of dust particles. Therefore, dust removal must be done immediately once a property project has been completed. This type of removal must likewise be performed regularly to ensure dust particles will not settle on surfaces and cause more problems inside the structure.

Dust Removal and Cleaning

Dust particles can be removed by using a damp cloth or sponge. Vacuums that are paired with filters can also be utilised to ensure that all particles will be eliminated. Cleaning the floor with a mop that has been soaked in a soap-water solution can likewise remove dust particles. Ultimately, utilising cleaning products that do not emit toxins can reduce the amount of dust particles in the air and on surfaces.

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