Why Professional Cleaning is Essential in Your Aged Care Facility?

>>Why Professional Cleaning is Essential in Your Aged Care Facility?
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Why Professional Cleaning is Essential in Your Aged Care Facility?

Believe it or not, the number of elderly residents inside aged care facilities is high. It even rises as more of them lose their loved ones or suffer from chronic diseases. But even at old age, they still deserve to live their lives. And so, these facilities should also be cleaned and maintained optimally. They must even undergo repairs and servicing from time to time.

The Situation Inside Aged Care Facilities

Just like home properties, aged care facilities are comprised of rooms and spaces meant for sleeping, resting, and eating. With these activities alone, the amount of dirt, germs, and other elements that can accumulate in these areas can be significant, especially on frequently touched surfaces.

Door handles, toilet flush, taps, and handrails are all expected to be bombarded with microbes. Table surfaces, chairs, windows, and others may also be filled with dust and dirt. Without cleaning and disinfecting them regularly, the management might be surprised at how frequently elderlies get sick. Even the visitors and workers may become ill as they enter and work within the vicinity of these facilities.

Ensuring the cleanliness of these facilities is vital to keep everyone safe. It can also ensure that the aged care facilities will remain valuable and functional throughout their operations.

The Importance of Professional Cleaning

Given the situation inside aged care facilities, they should be cleaned and maintained effectively by professionals. Here at Master Cleaners, we ensure that aged care facilities across Melbourne and Sydney will be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly.

Over the past few years, we have already developed long-term relationships with some of them. After all, we have been trusted to clean them due to our years of industry experience, our thorough understanding of the nuances in aged care cleaning, and the presence of specialised cleaning experts dedicated to the health and safety of residents, visitors, and employees.

There are certain areas in aged care facilities that we primarily focus on. These areas are:

  • Floors – Floors can be hazardous to elderly people if they are not cleaned immediately. Without immediate cleaning, they might end up slipping and getting injuries. Our team can mop, spot clean, vacuum, and sweep the floors without any delays.
  • Furniture Pieces – Furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, and couches are normally used by many people inside these facilities. We clean them regularly to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Nursing Situations – Our team at Master Cleaners also ensure the proper cleaning and disinfection of nursing stations to prevent them from spreading and growing harmful bacteria.
  • Bedroom and Bathrooms – Bedrooms and bathrooms are two vital rooms inside aged care facilities. We take care of them by cleaning and disinfecting them with the right tools. We ensure that the elderly people will not get sick while inside these rooms.
  • Kitchens and Laundries – Two more areas that we cover are kitchens and laundries. All the appliances, shelves, drawers, sinks, and others inside these areas are cleaned thoroughly to ensure that they will not allow microbes and dirt to accumulate and cause health issues to the elderly.

To know more about professional aged care facility cleaning, feel free to call us at Master Cleaners.

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