Workplace cleanliness: why you NEED a professional office cleaner in Melbourne

>>Workplace cleanliness: why you NEED a professional office cleaner in Melbourne
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Workplace cleanliness: why you NEED a professional office cleaner in Melbourne

If you ask us, a clean workplace is a happy workplace. Moreover, it’s an efficient one – just imagine having to work in a cluttered, dusty, and stinky office. No thanks!

Sure, your office might not be as bad as a factory floor – however, that doesn’t make office cleaning any less important.

We aren’t making this up either – according to several studies, a dirty workplace directly affects:

  • Productivity
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Health and wellbeing

This is especially problematic in large offices, where dust and other workplace health hazards can quickly accumulate.

If you don’t have a commercial cleaner attend your office once a week, or only have them come in once every couple of months, you could be inadvertently hobbling your team’s productivity!

1) First impressions last

Whether its a guest, investor, upper management or new employee, you want to make the best impression possible.

Needless to say, dust, leaves, mud tracks and loose paperclips don’t exactly communicate that!

Your premises represents your company or business. In particular, it reflects on your team, their competence and skills, and the quality of the work you put out.

Put it this way: if you walk into a company that can’t take the time out to clean their lobby or foyer, what does this imply about their approach to work? What does a disorganised and untidy office say about their organisation and management?

Even if the work you do is fantastic, you don’t want to leave any room for doubt in anyone’s minds!

2) A clean office is a healthy office

As a manager, you want to ensure that your staff stay as healthy as possible. Not only is it the moral thing to do, but you also have a legal obligation as part of your duty of care.

In particular, workplace cleanliness remains a crucial consideration.

A dirty workplace can trigger allergies and result in infection. Just think about how many bugs might be hiding in the office bathroom, the kitchenette or even around high-traffic areas like photocopiers!

In particular, many offices keep their HVAC systems on year-round. This can lead to a lot of unhealthy air being circulated throughout the office.

Over time, HVAC air ducts and filters pick up debris, mould, bacteria, and insects – all of which can accumulate and trigger allergy attacks and infections.

Luckily, our Masterful office cleaners in Melbourne are up to the task, offering specialised air conditioning duct cleaning!

Melbourne commercial cleaner

3) Increases work productivity

A clean workplace means fewer bacteria and germs floating around and lingering on surfaces.

Fewer bacteria and germs means fewer people getting sick.

And fewer people getting sick means fewer sick days.

All of which leads to more work getting done!

If you’ve ever tried to work while your nose is running or you’re sneezing every 5 seconds knows that its a bit of a tough ask. Your focus suffers, and you find yourself distracted from all the work on your plate.

If things are particularly bad, you may have to take the entire day off, stopping you from doing any work at all!

And finally, who here among us would perform their best working in a cramped, cluttered, and dirty office?

By looking after your employees’ health, you aren’t just ensuring everybody stays healthy – you’re also cutting down on the amount of work lost to runny noses, sneezing fits or sick days.

4) Keeps your office safe

Cleanliness is just one part of your duty of care as an employer. In addition to safeguarding your team’s health, it’s also crucial that you protect them from physical dangers.

And while office managers may not have to worry about safety barriers and hi-vis clothing like blue collar workplaces, that doesn’t mean office buildings don’t need to worry about this responsibility!

A clean workplace protects employees not only from diseases but also from untoward accidents such as slips and falls. In particular, dirty and stained tiles and flooring are the culprits behind many a workplace accident.

Just another reason you need a professional cleaner to give your office space a once-over!

Keep your office clean, neat, and healthy with Master Cleaners’ commercial cleaners in Melbourne and Sydney!

Whether you need a weekly clean every Friday, or a deep clean to get rid of an entire season’s worth of accumulated dust and debris, it’s important that you keep your office clean.

A quick spray-and-wipe won’t cut it – many messes and stains require a much deeper clean than you might be able to squeeze in on your own at the end of the workday.

That’s why you’ll want to have your office cleaned by a Master!

Some offices require next-level cleaning, and that’s exactly what we provide. In addition to bog standard office cleaning services like vacuuming, disinfecting bins and cleaning restrooms, we also provide specialised cleaning service on a needed basis such as:

air conditioning cleaning

If you want a cleaner, healthier office, you’ll want to call the Masters. Contact Master Cleaners today on 1800 11 22 34 to get a quote for your cleaning requirements.

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