Our commercial cleaners share your pre-Christmas cleaning checklist

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Our commercial cleaners share your pre-Christmas cleaning checklist

One of the busiest (and best!) times of the year is fast approaching. 

The festive season can be a lot of fun but, with so much happening it’s easy to feel under pressure.

Among the list of things that happen a lot at Christmas is events – family, work, friends, the list of parties and celebrations goes on!

Which is why having cleaning under control can make this time of year a lot easier. 

As cleaning is our business, Master Cleaners are here to help you with our pre-Christmas cleaning checklist, for the home, office, and other types of builds. 

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House cleaning

Pre-Christmas cleaning of your home is important if you are going to be:

  • Busy in the lead up to Christmas 
  • Hosting guests 
  • Away during or after the Christmas period  
  • Wanting to enjoy the festive season without a lot of cleaning duties  

If any of these apply to you, you will want a clean house before Christmas arrives!

Whether it’s getting normal cleaning duties done during the hectic lead up, or extra cleaning to make sure your home is ready for Christmas, it can help to have a list. 

General cleaning

We refer to the tasks that apply to different parts of the home as general cleaning.

These can apply to bedrooms, living areas, home offices and other spaces in your home. 

 General cleaning includes steps to:

  • Mop and vacuum floors and carpets
  • Dust all surfaces and removing cobwebs
  • Wipe clean benchtops and tables
  • Clean mirrors
  • Empty bins
  • Wipe skirting boards

Bathroom and laundry 

Bathrooms and laundries are areas of the home that involve specific cleaning tasks. 

This includes cleaning bathroom and laundry:

  • Toilets and showers
  • Floor and wall tiles
  • Sinks and tapware
  • Fans and vents


Kitchens are another area that has its own specific cleaning requirements. Critical in a space where food is handled and prepared!

This includes cleaning your kitchen: 

  • Benches, tables, and chairs
  • Oven, stove, rangehood
  • Microwave and fridge
  • Cabinets and drawers
  • Floors and other surfaces

Outdoor cleaning

Outdoor areas of the home also require cleaning.

This includes cleaning your:

  • Patio and decking
  • Swimming pools 
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Windows

Get help with your pre-Christmas home cleaning

If your list of things to clean before Christmas leaves you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. We are here to help! 

Getting professional pre-Christmas residential cleaning can make it easier to enjoy the festive season.

Contact our team of Master Cleaners to organise pre-Christmas cleaning in your home. We operate in Melbourne and Sydney for all your house cleaning needs! 

Restaurants and commercial kitchen cleaning

This time of year can put higher demand on your restaurant business – and that’s great for you! 

Having said that, you ought to be ready for any pre-Christmas rush (including functions and dinners) with our restaurant and commercial kitchen cleaning.   

Our commercial cleaners share a restaurant cleaning list to help you run through what needs to be done. 

Commercial kitchen cleaning

Kitchens are a big part of restaurant cleaning.

Commercial kitchen cleaning includes your:

  • Ovens and rangehoods
  • Cooktops
  • Benches 
  • Floors 

All of this is done to the highest standard to ensure health and safety, particularly during your busiest period!

Front-of-house restaurant cleaning

Your front of house is the parts of your restaurant customers experience. As soon as they step through the doors, they should see a beautiful setting cleaned to the highest standard. 

It’s first impressions like these which can make or break a business! 

Front-of-house cleaning includes your:

  • Carpets and other flooring
  • Hardwood, vinyl and other surfaces 
  • Windows
  • Outdoor dining areas
  • Toilets and bathrooms 

Other areas

Parts of your restaurant other than the kitchen and customer areas also need cleaning.

Other areas of your restaurant might include:

  • Storerooms
  • Outdoor storage and staff areas
  • Bins 

Get help with your pre-Christmas restaurant and commercial kitchen cleaning

Need help getting your restaurant clean in time for the festive season?

Contact Master Cleaners for help from our commercial cleaners in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane!

Find out more about:


Ensure your employees return to a clean office in January with a clean before or during the festive season.

Your office might need a clean before staff go on leave. Office celebrations, a busy year and the upcoming break can make planning for pre-Christmas office commercial cleaning important.    

Areas to clean 

Offices include a range of staff, customer and visitor areas.  

Office spaces requiring cleaning include:

Get help with your office pre Christmas cleaning

Want help with your office cleaning before Christmas? Contact Master Cleaners for help from our office cleaning teams, based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Read more about our office cleaning services.

 commercial kitchen cleaning

Other residential and commercial cleaning

Having a pre-Christmas cleaning checklist can help with any property, especially if it welcomes guests throughout the year.

If your property is being used as an Airbnb this summer, our home cleaning checklist above might help. 

Properties that might benefit from a pre-Christmas cleaning plan also include:

  • Schools
  • Industrial facilities 
  • Showrooms 
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels and strata 

With planning, you can make sure nothing is missed. And with the help of commercial cleaners, taking care of your pre-Christmas cleaning is made even easier! 

Our commercial cleaners can help with your pre-Christmas cleaning

If you are in need of cleaners before Christmas, we can help!

Our team of professionals can have your property clean in time for a great festive season and break. 

We can clean any type of property to the highest standard and with a friendly service approach.

Our experienced team, proven techniques, and specialist cleaning have made us the go-to choice for cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney. Whatever it is you need, you can trust us to Master your cleaning needs.

Leave your cleaning to us.

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